Student Orders Diploma & Hosts ‘Graduation Ceremony’ With Courier, Says Uni Was Taking Too Long

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Student hosts own graduation ceremony with courier

While technically just a piece of paper, a diploma symbolises that you’ve completed all the requirements stipulated by an institution. Regardless of the level of education, students put so much work into obtaining their diplomas.

So, when a student had to wait years after officially graduating to get this highly-coveted piece of paper, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Read on to find out about how a student hosted his own graduation ceremony.

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Graduate tires of waiting for official ceremony

On 20th March 2022, Thai TikToker, @jackachihouse, posted a video of his DIY graduation ceremony.

จบนานแล้วยังไม่ได้รับเลย #บัณฑิต  #ไม่รับปริญญา

จบนานแล้วยังไม่ได้รับเลย #บัณฑิต #ไม่รับปริญญา

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The text on the video translates to:

Studying at Rachapat University

Strengths: Collecting tuition in a timely manner

Weaknesses: Hosting graduation ceremonies in a timely manner 

According to The Graduate, he graduated three-four years ago from a university in Thailand. He also mentions that he had already started working.

After waiting for so long for an official ceremony, the TikToker decided to host his own ceremony – complete with the traditional graduation robe.

Graduate is pleased to receive a diploma from a courier

He states that he can receive a diploma from a courier, which is just as prestigious.

Screenshot: @jackachihouse

After handing over the highly-coveted diploma, the courier is shown giving the TikToker a thumbs-up. In the background, another delivery rider can be seen enjoying the occasion with them.

Screenshot: @jackachihouse

The video concludes with the two ceremony attendants giving each other a wai. 

Screenshot: @jackachihouse

Here’s to you, kid

We’d like to extend our congratulations to the TikToker. All the hours spent in class, in the library and of course, doing extra curricular activities, he definitely deserves some sort of fanfare for his efforts.

So, since we’re sprinkling this story with multiple movie references, we’ll end on one last one: Here’s to you, kid.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @jackachihouse

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