Cop gives delivery rider a lift

Thai cops are often portrayed as “bad guys” and are frowned upon for giving out fines to civilians.

A police officer, Mr. Panuphong Ratchachai, showed a different side to the story because he received compliments for his compassionate deed. Recently, the Chai Nat province-based cop gave a delivery rider a lift after his motorbike engine broke down in the middle of the road.

Here’s how he helped the rider out in an act that was celebrated by members of the community in more ways than one.

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Cop takes delivery rider to garage

On 8th June 2021, Mr. Ratchachai was captured assisting a motorcycle rider whose vehicle seemed to have broken down in a viral video.

Along the main road, the two rode side-by-side with the 24-year-old officer pushing the rider’s bike with his foot. 

Image credit: กลุ่มงานจราจร สภ.เมืองชัยนาท

Turns out, the delivery person had experienced a minor traffic accident right where the officer was on duty, and was unable to start his vehicle’s engine. This prompted the policeman to spring into action, reported Police TV by UCI Media.

Apparently, Officer Ratchachai even encouraged the delivery rider and escorted him to a garage to get his bike fixed.

Netizens think cop is a “heartthrob”

cop-gives-delivery-riderImage credit: Brickinfo News – ข่าวบริคอินโฟ

Mr. Ratchachai’s heroic acts have netizens praising his kind deed. They have also called him a “heartthrob” on social media. 


Screenshot: Brickinfo News – ข่าวบริคอินโฟ

Translation: Cute.


Screenshot: Brickinfo News – ข่าวบริคอินโฟ


Screenshot: Brickinfo News – ข่าวบริคอินโฟ

Translation: We need more good officers like you. Handsome picture by the way!

As some Thai law enforcement officers are still viewed through less than positive lenses, some comments questioned the officer’s initiative. 


Screenshot: Brickinfo News – ข่าวบริคอินโฟ

Translation: Will you, officer, or anyone else recognise one’s kind acts more than their mistakes?

Kindness is contagious

This young officer has showed us how simple acts of kindness can be done by anyone. Actions that involve selflessly going out of our way to help someone in need, are more important than ever amid the current world crisis.

We think that kindness has the potential to soften the hearts of those around us, and bring about positive change in the community.

Share your experiences. What’s the recent story you’ve come across like this?

Cover images adapted from: Brickinfo News – ข่าวบริคอินโฟ

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