Girl jumps on construction workers’s bike on accident 

Mistakes Construction Worker For Motor-Taxi Driver

Image adapted from @kscps1 and @mixzer_

Motorcycle taxis are the perfect choice for Thai locals during rush hour as there is always a traffic jam in the morning. The signature uniform Thai motor-taxi drivers is an orange vest uniform with the numbers at the back, like this: 

real motorbike-taxi

The signature orange vest of Thai motorcycle-taxi drivers
Image credit: oknation

And even though their distinctly bright outfits are easy to notice, mistakes can still happen anyway. When Twitter user @kscps1 realised she was going to be late for class, she hurriedly jumped on a motor-taxi – only to realise halfway during her journey that she was riding a construction worker’s motorcycle the whole time. She had mistaken his orange vest for that of a driver’s. 

Jumped on the bike after waking up late

She went on to share the funny incident online: 

Mistakes Construction Worker For Motor-Taxi Driver

Translation: A funny thing happened today. I got up late in the morning and was going to be late for my class. I saw a biker wearing an orange vest and signalled him, asking him to drop me off at the pier.


She then shared that it took her awhile to realise that she wasn’t on a motor-taxi at all, but a construction worker who was wearing an orange safety best. 

“His helmet was for construction work and not for a bike at all. However, he brought me to the pier anyway.”

She also added that the construction worker was very nice and generous. “He refused to take my money, but I gave it to him anyway and then ran quickly to the pier.” she wrote. 

This happens more often than you think

In response to her tweet, many users came forward to share their own similar experiences. 

comment on motorbike-taxi

Translation: I used to take a motorcycle in Chiangmai and then told him to bring me to MAYA [Shopping Centre]. He wasn’t a motorcycle-taxi at all. I tried to give him money but he didn’t take it as he said he had to pass this way anyway. Thai people are very kind. 

comment on motorbike-taxi

Translation: During our graduation ceremony, my professor wanted me and my friends to help manage the traffic. So we had to wear an orange vest with reflective strips. One of us went to the toilet and took so long. When he came back, we asked him why. He said that someone thought he was a motor-taxi driver and he had to drive them somewhere. 


comment on motorbike-taxi

Translation: One day, I decided to take a motor-taxi, but just as I started wearing the helmet, the motorcycle drove away, leaving me there. His helmet is still with me. 

Kindness is offered even for a stranger 

Many users praised the construction worker for his generosity and commented that this is the way Thai people treat each other. 

comment on motorbike-taxi

Translation: Thai people are very cute!


This is another adorable moment which can lighten up our day. And aside from being funny, it also shows how kind we can be when offering help to others – even a stranger.