Upcycled skateboards

The beauty of becoming an adult is you get to pursue dreams you didn’t have the agency to as a child. For 30-year-old coffin maker, Mr. Anusorn Yungyearn, it was shredding on skateboards – growing up, the entrepreneur didn’t want his family to spend money on his hobbies.

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Thai man makes skateboards

Mr. Anusorn, who is in the coffin-making business. Wanting to make use of the wooden materials laying around his shop, the entrepreneur took the opportunity to make his own skateboards, according to Bangkok Post

Thai Man Makes Coffin-Shaped Skateboards With Materials From His BusinessThe skateboards are directly carved from Thai coffin ornaments – with golden Buddhist imagery.
Image credit: Naewna 

“I want to give the underprivileged kids the chance to skate” shared Mr. Anusorn, who plans to give his first ten skateboards to kids from low-income families, as posted on Naewna

Thai Man Makes Coffin-Shaped Skateboards With Materials From His BusinessOffice chair wheels on the pop skateboard
Image credit: Thanyalak Wannakote, Khao Sod Journalist

Always give opportunities to others

There are many others who haven’t been able to live their dreams. Individuals like Mr. Anusorn are fortunate enough to share his childhood dream to others and give that opportunity. If you had a good head start in life, it can be fulfilling to share your dreams with those who don’t have the same opportunity as you.

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Cover images adapted from: Thanyalak Wannakote (Left), Thanyalak Wannakote (Right)

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