Part-time jobs during COVID-19

Images adapted from: CNN

Due to the current flight ban in Thailand during COVID-19 pandemic, lots of staff in the airline industry, from ground staff to pilots, have needed to take a temporary break from their jobs.

But amid the hardship, this co-pilot found a part-time job by being a delivery man.

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Delivery Pilot
Image adapted from: CNN

Nakarin Inta, a commercial pilot with around 4 years of experience, decided to work as a delivery man for Line Man, a delivery app, to afford monthly expenses during his break.

70% of his income had been cut off, while some of the airline staff have been on leave without pay, said Mr Inta to CNN Travel. “I still have expenses every month, so I had to find something [way to earn money] on my own” he added.

Image credit: CNN

He noticed that the popularity of delivery services had been increasing due to city lockdown since March this year. Inspired by a fellow pilot, he realised he could possibly earn a small amount of money to support his wife and 4-year-old daughter.

Delivery Pilot
Image credit: CNN

He said that besides him, there are also over 50 of his pilot friends working as food delivery staff and street vendors during COVID-19. 

Delivery Pilot
Image credit: CNN

“The first time I got an order and delivered it to the customer, the feeling was great. I am proud of me. I can do it. ” said the pilot.

Mr Inta’s story is another inspiration for everyone to keep on going. We hope the flight ban will be lifted soon so that he can resume working at his office in the sky again.

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