New installations in Silom

City Lab Silom cover
Images adapted from City Lab Thailand, @voicetv, and Time Out กรุงเทพฯ

With Bangkok’s traffic, you can’t deny that Bangkokians spend lots of time on the road. So imagine how refreshing it must be if you can enjoy an impressive view while being stuck in a jam.

The city of Bangkok and Chulalongkorn University have recently collaborated to host City Lab Silom, a project that aims to revamp sidewalks along the Silom district to make it an immersive experience for pedestrians and commuters alike.

A more vibrant neighbourhood

Silom is a neighbourhood that never sleeps. It’s almost a 24/7 area that’s always bustling, with crowds of office workers by day and partygoers by night.

The city has decided to clean up the place and add more vibrant installations to Silom’s sidewalks to make it a better experience for users. There are 3 core concepts to City Lab Silom: to add more vibrancy, fun, and safety to the neighbourhood. 

City Lab Silom lights
Image credit: @voicetv

Those familiar with the Silom area would know that, although it’s got a bustling nightlife scene, there is still a lack of light from street lamps while walking here after dark. 

City Lab Silom has come up with the idea to inject some life into the neighbourhood with its neon light installations that not only make the place brighter but double up as cool photo-spots too. 

Walking around, you’ll also find interactive games like hopscotch and giant checkers which you can play with your buddies or other passersby.

city lab silom hopscotch
Image credit: City Lab Thailand

city lab giant chess
Image credit: City Lab Thailand

Even there are many pedestrian crossings along the road, accidents can happen due to the fact that Silom is a long straight street where drivers can speed up and lose awareness of pedestrians on the road. 

City Lab Silom crossing
Image credit: Time Out กรุงเทพฯ

To help prevent accidents from happening, the roads here have been re-painted to have brighter colours and clearer signs as indicators for drivers to slow down.

Project draws the attention of netizens

Many locals have come forward to share their thoughts on the installations. While many are entertained by the street’s new additions, some did voice their concerns on whether or not they were completely necessary.

In the midst of the debate, one netizen decided to make light of the situation and post a satirical “review” of each installation. 

City Lab Silom comment

Facebook user Niphon Seangpeung shared his thoughts on an installation that seemed to be a sitting booth of sorts, saying, “This comfy zone is located in the centre of Silom, right in front of my office. It’s something even introverts can enjoy.”

City Lab Silom installations
“Sitting in here will draw attention. That’s perfect for all advertisers; they can put some posters in here.”
Image credit: Niphon Saengpueng

“The seat is so comfy, you can enjoy chilling and thinking about the answer to Miss Universe 2019’s questions,” he added in jest.

City Lab Silom’s official project board stated that they are willing to listen to the suggestions and comments from everyone, and hope that all opinions of Bangkokians are heard and acted upon.

City Lab Thailand at Silom Road
Image credit: @khemtis_b

Whatever people’s opinions, it’s good to know that the core aim behind the project is to improve the quality of life in the city. So head down to Silom to see it in a different light!

City Lab Thailand at Silom Road
Address: Silom Sub-district, Bang Rak District, Bangkok 10500
Nearest Train Station: Saladeang BTS

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