Chub n’ Chew Bangkok


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Thai locals might be familiar with Chub n’ Chew, a popular drink booth that has been to many food festivals. This stall serves up its unique signature drink: the brownie frappe. After requests from fans to open a permanent store, Chub n’ Chew has finally surprised its fans by opening its flagship store in the heart of Siam at Lido Connect

Brownie Frappe drinks at Chub n’ Chew

BROWNIE FRAPPE Brownies! Nom nom nom

If it’s your first time visiting Chub n’ Chew, head straight for their Chocolate Brownie Frappe (฿89) which is a customer favourite. This drink is a thick frappe that’s a blend of brownie chunks and cocoa, topped with bite-sized brownies on top. 


If you expect it to taste like a regular chocolate frappe with a hint of cocoa, you might be wrong. The texture is thicker thanks to the brownie blend, and it goes well with additional chewy brownie toppings.

Brownies fans can opt for more Brownies at ฿20.

Mint milk

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If you’re not that into chocolate, don’t worry. They also offer Iced Mint (฿79) for those who prefer more refreshing flavours. It comes in a vibrant blue colour and is made of milk and mint syrup, resulting in a sweet and smooth drink. Plus, if you’re not a sweet tooth, you can request for the less sugar by just asking the staff.

chocolate mint drink

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But why choose when you can have both? Just in case you’d like to try both flavours, Chub n’ Chew also has their Two Tone Choc-Mint Brownie Frappe (฿119). This is quite reminiscent of peppermint chocolate ice cream!

The addition of mint helps give the flavour a nice contrast. Plus, the mint flavour is really refreshing and even goes up your nose and down your throat.

If you want more texture in your drinks aside from brownies, you have other options like Konjac Boba (฿15), and Coffee Jelly (฿15). The store also offers other drinks like Iced Vanilla (฿69) which we hear pairs well with coffee jelly. An Iced Dark Chocolate will be in the menu soon too. 

Chub n’ Chew at Lido Connect


The store is well-organised and has a cute interior space, which is great for those who would like to take some cute shots for Instagram. Do note that there are no tables and chairs, so you can grab-and-go with your drinks. We hope they expand so customers can come here to chill one day!


Chub n’ Chew
Location: Lido Connect, Fl. 1
Opening Hours: 10AM-9PM, Daily
Contact: Facebook | Instagram | Official Line: @chubnchew