Chonnabot Chiang Mai Is A Quaint Forest Cottage Homestay With Stone Bathtub By A Stream

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Chonnabot Chiang Mai

The north of Thailand is famous for its mountains, cooler climate and serenity that comes with being closer to nature. Should you find yourself there at any time, change up your experience by staying at Chonnabot, a quaint little cottage homestay found deep within the forests of Chiang Mai.

If you’re ready to have your own lil’ hideaway like the fairy godmothers did in Sleeping Beauty, we’ve scoped out this enchanting cottage for you so you’ll know exactly where to find it.

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Rustic cottage sits by a flowing stream in Chiang Mai

ชนบท chonnabot wide shotImage credit: ชนบท chonnabot

Enveloped by the lush greenery and fresh air of Chiang Mai’s forests, Chonnabot looks like a cottage out of a fairytale. Housed right next to a running stream, imagine waking up to the sounds of the water crashing lightly against the rocks as you walk towards the cottage.

There is even a swing here where you can rest to read a book or use as a prop for a photoshoot. Don’t worry, we won’t tell on you if you’ve only read the contents page.

ชนบท chonnabot swingImage credit: ชนบท chonnabot

As a pet-friendly establishment, we spotted guests bringing their dogs as a plus one, and setting up canvases to paint their masterpieces.

Image credit: ชนบท chonnabot

As a proud dog mom of a golden retriever, this will definitely make one of our road trip highlights the next time we’re travelling up north. Speaking of other outdoor activities – sans the fur friends – for those who adore classy stone bathtubs, this next one’s for you.

A minimalist granite bathtub area with a sheltered roof

Chonnabot bath tub saly.talonpaitourImage credit: @saly.talonpaitour

Imagine an outdoor area that’s both close to nature, and private enough that when you do need to wash down, you’ll still feel comfortable. That’s what this granite outdoor tubs are good for, we think. You can certainly indulge in a nice evening bath as the sun sets, while being surrounded by the lush tropical jungle all around you.

Chonnabot bath tub farfah_yeyeahImage credit: @farfah_yeyeah

As long as the weather is cooperative, you can even snap some gorgeous shots of yourself in the tub. Or perhaps a pensive picture with luscious forest leaves framing you like this.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the amenities outdoors, we’ll move inwards to talk about what’s inside the lovely cottage next.

Entire cottage for homestays from USD144/night

Chon Na Bot interiorImage credit: ชนบท chonnabot

The houses are furnished with a sense of nostalgia and antiquity. This makes them perfect for some casual brunches or tea parties with the squad within the secluded cabins. We also love that the bedrooms are incredibly cozy, with corresponding themed rugs.

ชนบท chonnabot atticImage credit: ชนบท chonnabot

Here in their attic bedroom, you could just lay down a few quilts and build a cozy fort with your friends while having a HTHT or a Netflix movie screening. BTW, this is probably what living out a fairytale IRL feels like.

Do take note that prices start at ฿4,900 (~USD144/night) for a whole cottage.

Getting to Chonnabot Chiang Mai 

If you’re looking for a comfy homestay, Chonnabot Chiang Mai could be a pretty nice option for first-timers. From the stone bath tubs, to a warm fireplace to cosy up to the wonders of nature around you, experiences like this truly let us get a glimpse of the hospitality that the North is famous for.

In any case, if this sounds like something up your alley, make sure to bookmark it for your next visit to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Chonnabot Chiang Mai
Address: แม่ออน, 11 หมู่ 2 ถ. แม่ลาย, Huai Kaeo, Chiang Mai 50130
Opening Hours:
Sun-Fri, Open 24 hours 
Telephone: +66 6 5367 6483 
Chonnabot Chiang Mai Facebook | Instagram | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from: ชนบท chonnabot , @saly.talonpaitour , ชนบท chonnabot

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