A Single Chicken Nugget Has Been Sent To Space & It’s The Best News Of 2020

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Chicken nugget in space

Space has seen many legends during our lifetime, from Armstrong to Gagarin. But it has just met its most iconic astronaut yet: a chicken nugget.

As much as 2020 has been one big joke, I’m glad to report that it isn’t April’s Fool and this is 100% real news. A nugget has officially graced outer space with its presence, and we’re here for it.

Sent via weather balloon

The nugget was sent as part of a special mission to celebrate British supermarket chain Iceland Foods Ltd‘s 50th birthday, The Irish News reported.

“2020 is a huge year for us as we celebrate our 50th birthday, and we wanted to find ways to mark the occasion, just like anyone celebrating a birthday in lockdown,” shared Iceland’s trading director Andrew Staniland.

Image adapted from: SWNS Digital

The team partnered with Sent Into Space, a group of space exploration experts, to get the brave li’l breaded cutlet into space on 13th October.

It was launched via a meteorological weather balloon which was filled with hydrogen, allowing it to float into our stratosphere.

nugget in space
There it goes!
Image adapted from: SWNS Digital

The chosen nugget, who might have probably gone through a rigorous application process and NASA-level training, was brought to a farm in North Wales for the take-off.

chicken nugget sent to space
We did it, boys
Image adapted from: SWNS Digital

The little guy reached an altitude 110,000 feet – that’s approximately 880,000 chicken nuggets long. It then made its way down via an attached parachute, completing a successful mission and making it the first fast food to make it to space thus far.

This might just be the best thing we’ve seen all year, amid questionable times and rough waters.

But 2020 has got a little better thanks to a lone, space-exploring chicken nugget.

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Featured image: SWNS, Iceland Foods Ltd.

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