Chiang Mai organic farm

Songkran is a big deal in Thailand; it’s also the longest holiday, which is getting a lot of us smirking because we can finally have a trip.

And since the water fights are off, we have found a different activity for you that involves tea, lemons, a farm, and the most Instagrammable setting up in the mountains of Chiang Mai.

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Weekend getaway in Thailand

The Doi Inthanon Tea is an organic farm that specialises in tea and lemons. No matter where you turn, the view is stunning and the air is crisp since the plantation sits on the highest mountain in Thailand – the famous Doi Inthanon.

Back in January, it was a pick-your-own farm where you can hand-pick lemons and bring them home for only ฿50 (~USD1.6) per kilo. There were a lot of visitors who came in just for a shot with the aesthetic lemon garden.

girl picking lemons
The contrast of green and yellow is just the perfect colour palette for your Instagram.
Image credit: Tamtid Cheevit Peebah

girl having a picnic
Image credit: Tamtid Cheevit Peebah

Only from this April to the beginning of 2022, however, Doi Inthanon Tea is spicing things up by becoming a bed and breakfast right at its plantation; just in time for Songkran.

bed and flowers
Image credit: ไร่ชาดอยอินทนนท์ Doi Inthanon Tea Partnership

There are only four rooms – one standard room, one attic-themed room and two bubble rooms. Prices start at only ฿2,500 (~USD76)/night and includes breakfast. 

people and a view
Image credit: ไร่ชาดอยอินทนนท์ Doi Inthanon Tea Partnership

bedroom view
A bubble room.
Image credit: ไร่ชาดอยอินทนนท์ Doi Inthanon Tea Partnership

To book one, you can go straight to their Facebook page for a reservation link. 

Things to do at the farm

Although the picking activity is off until the next winter season, the gardens will still be open for guests to take a walk-in or engage in a mini photoshoot as per usual.

woman picking lemons
Ideas for your photoshoot.
Image credit: Line Today

woman taking picture
Image credit: Line Today

If you’re one who likes to kick back, you can simply indulge the view from your bedroom while sipping and snacking on the farm’s home-cooked dishes.

snacks and tea
Image credit: ไร่ชาดอยอินทนนท์ Doi Inthanon Tea Partnership

As for the tea, the farm offers a total of three types: Green Tea and two kinds of Oolong TeaLuan Tze Tea and Yun Bi Tea – all at ฿100 (~USD3.25) a teapot. After deciding on your favourite, you can purchase a box or two back home as a souvenir either for yourself or your loved ones.

If you’re staying around a little longer in Chiang Mai, you can also order the tea boxes online via their Facebook page along with other products like Smoke Pork Tenderloin at ฿200 (~USD6.5) and Lemon Bars at ฿45 (~USD1.45) a piece.

Get cosy at Doi Inthanon Tea

Whether it’s a night or more at Doiinthanon Tea, spending a little time in this organic farm surrounded by greenery will definitely be one cosy and refreshing experience.

ไร่ชาดอยอินทนนท์ Doi Inthanon Tea Partnership
Address: Mae Win, Mae Wang District, Chiang Mai 50360
Telephone: +66 8 6391 9215
Doi Inthanon Tea Partnership’s Website | Google Maps

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Cover image adapted from (clockwise from Top Left): @sister.routes, Line Today, @jaezyyy

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