Chiang Mai air quality

Chiang Mai is one of the most beautiful destinations in Thailand, however, its prolonged haze problem ranks the province in the top three of most polluted cities in the world – according to the AirVisual website, it ranked after New Delhli, India and Lahor, Pakistan.

Better stay indoors or switch to your N95’s, because PM2.5 levels have peaked beyond safety – thanks to the Chiang Mai air pollution deputy chief who’s command of all four air monitoring stations; they managed to spot over 800 hotspots across 17 northern provinces.

Air pollution smothers northern cities

Because of outdoor burning and smog swirling in Thailand from the neighboring countries, Central Plains and other northern areas close to Chiang Mai also have the potential to get shrouded by the haze. 

For four days in a row, excessive levels of PM2.5 and PM10 have become a health hazard around one of Chiang Mai’s neighboring provinces, Tak, as posted by Bangkok Post

Starting from 1st March 2021, Tak Governor Mr. Pongrat Piromrat plans to ban burning for two months; those who fail to comply with the ban will be charged by forest patrol. 

Chiang Mai Air Quality Lands The CityImage credit: @rabin_boo

Checking air quality 

For sure the smog is another reason to never forget your masks –  the Director-General of the Thailand’s Health Department, Dr. Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoen suggests individuals have them outdoors to protect themselves from the tiny criminals

Chiang Mai Air Quality Lands The CityAQI air quality measurement in Chiang Mai for 5th March 2021.
Image credit: AirVisual

Chiang Mai Air Quality Lands The CityDirections for wearing N95 masks
Image credit: Living ASEAN

Don’t forget your N95’s

Whilst you’re travelling around the charming northern cities in Thailand, it’s important to prepare for the haze or stay indoors if possible. Air pollution has been responsible for illnesses – amid Covid-19, it’s more essential than ever to stay fit and healthy.

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