Cats found in drug bust

Update: According to MGR Online, on 23rd April 2021, the six cats from the previous drug bust, were auctioned out to their new mummy, Ms. Nut, a cat lover and owner of Facebook page Kingdom of Tigers: Toon Hua Kong Bao. The auction was held at Rayong’s community hall. To ensure she was going home with the six precious cats, Ms. Nut equipped herself with ฿200,000 (~USD6,372) – this was a smart move on her part as there were eight other participants in the event. After forking over ฿100,000 (~USD3,190), Ms. Nut returned home with all six cats. 

cats seized in drug bust rehomedImage credit: MGR Online

Thailand has drug networks and contraband-related crimes that sometimes fall off the radar. 

This story, however, gained traction among netizens as it involves some unsuspecting furballs; luckily, these innocent accessories will be auctioned off to loving homes

Thai police seized 6 cats 

On 15th March 2021, Mr. Tathep Arun, a suspected drug gang member who allegedly works under crime lord, Mr. Soradet Sonssiri was arrested by the Royal Thai Police.

The suspect was found on a property around Rayong, and was arrested due to allegations of money laundering; authorities also found drugs at the site. 

Additionally, law enforcement officers also found six cats that were said to be linked to money laundering. With prices for designer feline breeds reaching tens of thousands of baht, it’s highly possible that these furballs were – unknowing – accessories to some of Mr. Arun’s crimes.  

฿35 million worth of items confiscated

According to the Nation Thailand, the police impounded at least ฿35 million worth of evidence from the site – including the six cats. 

Mr. Arun’s wife, Ms. Anchara Namnil is currently on the run and is said to be the owners of the six little critters. The police have given her the green light to contact them regarding matters linked to her cats. 

Thai Police Seized 6 Cats In Drug Bust, Suspect Allowed Contact Despite Being On The RunOne of the six cats found at the property.
Image credit: Khaosod 

The local animal department will take hold of them for evidential purposes – afterward, the cats will be auctioned to the public by the Drug Suppression Department.

Don’t do drugs 

While narcotics are said to provide euphoric effects, it’s important to weigh the consequences on your health as well as on the quality of life you’ll have in the event of being arrested.

In the event that substances are legal where you are, like CBD in Thailand, then enjoy within reason – staying conscious of your mind and surroundings is important towards personal development. 

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Cover images adapted from: Khaosod (Left), @neuflaothong (Right)

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