Abandoned cats in Thailand

Cats are a popular pet among many – unfortunately they also make up a large percentage of abandoned animals in shelters and on the streets. 

On 21st April 2021, Facebook user, Yeti Cool posted on a Facebook group called Tard Maew 4.0 or ‘Cat Slave 4.0’ that two matured cats were abandoned by their owner at Baan Aueathorn Suan Luang apartment complex in Samut Sakorn.

Animal rescue news:

Cats left for alone three days

Yeti Cool’s post grabbed a lot of attention – there are currently over 2K likes and 772 shares. 

The netizen noticed that the cats were wandering around the unit an unusual amount for three consecutive days. Concerned about the cats, they went to check up on the felines and came to discover that they were in an empty unit with two bowls of food and water.

Owner Abandons Pet Cats After Moving Houses, Left Them Behind With Just Food & Water

Original post of the netizen
Screenshot: Yeti Cool

Upon contacting the cats owners, the netizen learnt that the fur parents were no longer able to take care of the felines. So, Yeti Cool is currently trying to find new parents for them, reported Naewna.

Owner Abandons Pet Cats After Moving Houses, Left Them Behind With Just Food & WaterImages adapted from: Yeti Cool

 For those who wish to adopt kittens and their new parents, you can contact Yeti Cool via Facebook

Always be responsible for your pets 

Raising animals is a big responsibility; there are many factors to consider before deciding that you are ready to raise one. Remember, they’re living beings and they need a warm home, too.

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Cover images adapted from: Yeti Cool (Both images)

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