Cancer patient saves money by making bags

Thai man with cancer saves money by selling tote bags
Image adapted from Give a Chance Thailand

Encouragement is significant for those who have to fight hard against their illnesses. If your heart doesn’t give up, your body will not surrender too. This is the case of Kunanon “Nont” Chumyuang, a cancer patient from Thailand who has not let his sickness take him down.

Nont decided to fight back against his cancer by crafting his very own tote bags for sale. It’s not just to raise money for his medication costs either. He intends for his bags to provide encouragement and power to others.

Started making bags after quitting his job

Nont had to quit his job at the age of 24 because of his illness. Nevertheless, for him, it didn’t mean that his opportunities in life had ended. 

Cancer patients sells homemade tote bags for his medication cost
Image credit: Give a Chance Thailand

His illness has required large amounts of medication costs, which Nont didn’t want to put on his family. This led to him crafting homemade tote bags which he paints by himself. 

He now sells his handicrafts on Facebook page Give A Chance Thailand, which has gotten more than 10K likes. The tote bags have also gotten good responses from others and have helped Nont raise money for his treatment as well as cover other expenses for his family.

Sharing his encouragement and support with others

The idea of making tote bags was not just to save money, but also so Nont could share his encouragement with other patients who might be feeling down. 

Non Thai man with cancer saves money for his own
His family members also support and help him run the business
Image credit: Give a Chance Thailand

He shares his sentiments through the patterns on his bags too.

Tote bags from cancer patients
Image credit: Give a Chance Thailand

As shared with Chiang Mai News, Non said that he has received lots of support from his family and customers. He feels that he needed to spread this and give it to others so that they don’t give up in life too.

Netizens cheer him up and praise his good cause 

After his story was shared, netizens shared their well wishes with Nont on his Facebook page. Many people started ordering his products too.

compliments for cancer patients

Keep moving on. I’m rooting for you.
Keep fighting!

compliments for cancer patients

Your tote bags are so cute.
Can I have 2 tote bags, one with a bear and other with the earth pattern. I will support you!


We all have our obstacles, but we must never let it destroy us. Instead, we should keep giving ourselves a chance to move on and create new opportunities. Nont is a good example of the expression “Don’t give up” and what a strong heart can do. We wish him all the best!

To support his cause, you can visit his Facebook page here

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