Indian bride calls off wedding

Arranged marriage is still a common practice in India where matches are usually made via family connections and – recently – online marriage sites.

If all goes well, the newly wed couple gets to embark on a new life. However, one bride quickly took a turn on her heels after realising the groom hadn’t a clue on a simple math test in a wedding fixed last Saturday, 1st May 2021, in Uttar Pradesh.

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Groom failed to recite multiples of two

Before the unnamed arranged couple got to tie the knot, the bride – skeptical of his educational background – decided to test the groom’s math ability by asking him to count multiples of two in which he failed to do so.

After her suspicions were confirmed, the Indian bride walked off and left the groom at the altar saying she could not devote her life to a person who does not know the answers to such a simple math question, according to

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The lack of information led the bride to be skeptical of her husband-to-be’s educational background.
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The bride’s cousin also shared that the groom’s family scammed them by leaving off details in regard to his education history and was proud that her sister stood up for herself despite social stigma.

Latest updates reveal to us that the two families have come to terms exchanging back wedding gifts including jewellery.

Not the first time

Believe it or not, this is not the first occurrence of a bride cancelling a wedding due to the groom’s inability to solve a math problem. Other cases have been reported with one groom giving the answer “17” to the addition of 15 and six, coincidentally also in Uttar Pradesh.

Looks like bride families will have to make a checklist with “educational background” first on the list from now on.

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