Stranded dog on expressway in Thailand

Some dogs wander further than they expect – a walk in the neighbourhood could turn into an escapade on the expressway.

Such is the case for Cookie, a dog who lives with the owners, Ms. Yusawad and Mr. Charkrit around Muang Thong Thani in the Nonthaburi Province. On 28th March 2021, Cookie ran out the main gate after being startled by a loud noise, and didn’t come back from their stroll; the couple then posted on Facebook promising a cash reward for anyone who can bring their dog home safely. 

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Public bus picks up dog 

Cookie managed to make it onto the busy Victory Monument – Pak Kret expressway, where they luckily picked up by bus number 166, reported True ID News.

Stranded Doggo Was Saved On An Expressway By A Bus CCTV Footage of Cookie’s chariot
Screenshot: ชุมชนคนรักรถเมล์

The driver reported finding Cookie to Thailand traffic radio station, JS100, who later notified Cookie’s parents. Cookie’s then went to the Bus 166’s last stop to pick up their fur baby, and offer bus conductor, Ms. Noknoi Sidum and bus captain, Ms. Tuen Prathumthong ฿5,000 (~USD159.24).

Stranded Doggo Was Saved On An Expressway By A Bus Ms. Noknoi Sidum and Ms. Tuen Prathumthong
Image credit: True ID News

Both of the operators declined the reward. However, they both received a ฿2,000 (~USD23.74) each from Bangkok Mass Transit director Mr. Surachai Iamchirotkul on 31st March 2021 for their heroic initiative reported Khaosod.

Stranded Doggo Was Saved On An Expressway By A Bus CCTV Footage of Cookie getting on the bus
Screenshot: ชุมชนคนรักรถเมล์

Ms. Sidum shared that “many cars had to do instant braking to avoid any damages behind us – which was very dangerous. We asked the permission to stop on the side for a little bit from our passengers, just so we could help Cookie” posted TNN Thailand.

Many good samaritans

Even though the bus staff were hard at work and passengers were probably in a rush, the entire bus made the collective decision to save Cookie. If it takes 10-15 minutes to save a life, it’s highly recommended that you try. 

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Cover images adapted from: ชุมชนคนรักรถเมล์ (Both Images)

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