Elephant breaks kitchen wall gets meme’d

Memes are like the modern version of a press release – they wrap up the whole story in one go and they spread like wildfire, especially if it’s about something funny.

Recently, the story about an elephant that broke through a kitchen wall was not only meme’d but also used in Burger King’s most recent advertisement. 

This was part of the sequence of events that this hilarious and bizarre incident has caused. But, what do we meme exactly when we refer to the chain reaction caused by an elephant breaking into someone’s kitchen?

Check out these viral stories:

Whopper breaks kitchen wall

After the story about an elephant breaking through a kitchen wall went viral, Burger King Thailand posted an ad that shows a massive Whopper breaking through the wall on their Facebook page on 22nd June 2021. 

The fast food chain’s post seems to imply that the Whopper’s size is comparable to an elephant, and is captioned “so large it breaks through houses”. 

This comical ad has been shared 1.8K times at the time of writing, and we assume that it also resulted in a lot of laughter throughout the internet. 

Screenshot: Burger King Thailand

No doubt that Burger King is one of the world’s biggest fast food restaurants – their eye-catching ads show that the company has a never-ending supply of witty and funny ideas.

Netizens also recreate the meme

It seems that this fast food chain has caused a chain reaction and created a new meme format. Other Thai netizens have also attempted to create their own version of the wall – most of them seem to be cat slaves.

Screenshot: Burger King Thailand


Screenshot: Burger King Thailand

Translation: So scarrryy!


Screenshot: Burger King Thailand

Translation: Come here!!

Maepranom, one of Thailand’s largest chili sauce companies, has also followed the same artistic direction.

Screenshot: Maepranom

Translation: When Maepranom breaks in, any elephant will stop being hungry. Believe me. 

Future stories will get meme’d

Thanks to the original story about a land-based megalodon surprising a woman at her house by breaking down the kitchen wall, Burger King and Maepranom have found new ways – memes – to relate to their audience. 

We expect that more viral stories in the future will be turned into memes and shared across the internet. So, we can’t wait to see what other creative takes netizens and large conglomerates have to show. 

If your personal stories have turned into the same internet sensation before, how’d it go? Are you still famous? 

Cover images adapted from: รัชฎาวรรณ ผึ้งประสพพร (Left), Burger King Thailand (Right)

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