Buffalo barges into Chiang Mai electronics store

The retail industry is known to be a difficult one to navigate. It seems that you’re not only at the mercy of your work, but your success also depends substantially on your customers.

Navigating unhappy customers in a store already sounds tough, so how exactly would you deal with an angry animal in your store?

Here’s the story of a woman who had to deal with a very difficult customer that ruined the display and didn’t even buy anything.

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Destructive buffalo enters electronics store in Thailand

Thai TikToker, @thanya292524, posted a security feed video of a buffalo barrelling through a Chiang Mai electronics store from 30th September 2021.

วีดีโอคอลกับแฟนได้ยินเสียงดังจากข้างล่าง#แฟนวิ่งไปอ้าวควายทะลุเข้าร้าน#เหตุเกิด 30/9/64

วีดีโอคอลกับแฟนได้ยินเสียงดังจากข้างล่าง#แฟนวิ่งไปอ้าวควายทะลุเข้าร้าน#เหตุเกิด 30/9/64

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This 22-second clip is relatively short, but absolutely not short of excitement. We mean, it starts out with an unsuspecting saleslady – OP – being suddenly charged by a buffalo that broke through the store’s glass doors.

Source: @thanya292524

After bulldozing through the OP, the buffalo continues its search for whatever it is that’ll give it that retail-dopamine-rush. Understandably, the retail exec is not ready to help this angry customer.

Source: @thanya292524

After alienating their only source of assistance, it appears that the buffalo, after all, has no idea what it wants or what it’s looking for.

Source: @thanya292524

Just look at their ears flickering in confusion and defeat. Aaw. 

While we totally know that feeling of regret after throwing a fit, we’re a little more sympathetic towards the saleslady.

Netizens react to the enthusiastic buffalo’s actions

To say that this is a unique situation would be an understatement. Let’s see what other social media users are saying about this woman’s situation.

Here’s the answer to the burning question: is OP okay?

Screenshot: @thanya292524

Netizen 1: Are you all right? 

OP: Just some bruising throughout my body, thank you for your concern. 


Screenshot: @thanya292524

Netizen 2: Were you able to find the owner?

While we were worrying about the saleslady’s safety, we didn’t even consider where exactly the buffalo came from, so hats-off to this commenter for reminding us that buffaloes don’t just freely roam electronics stores.

If they did, however, this social media user predicts the below behaviour for this customer demographic.

Screenshot: @thanya292524

Netizen: The buffalo was rushing to reserve an iPhone 13 and was worried they wouldn’t be able to. 

Saleslady and buffalo are safe

Calling this scenario a “one-of-a-kind” would not be an exaggeration.

If one of our friends told us a buffalo bulldozed through an electronics store we were working at, we’d probably ask if they’ve been working too hard. However, we’d also be concerned about their safety.

We’re pleased to hear that everyone involved in the event is safe and sound.

Cover images adapted from: @thanya292524

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