Bucket Berg ice cream cafe in Bangkok

Giant ice cream bucket at Bucket Berg in Bangkok

As a child, I used to beg for a little piece of dry ice every time I got something from the ice cream cart uncle who would come by. There’s just something about the smoky nature of it that made me feel like I was eating ice cream in the North Pole.

Even as a grown up, I love exploring new ice cream shops around Bangkok, and Bucket Berg Ice Cream is one that reminds me of my childhood. 

This cafe serves huge buckets of ice cream with dry ice, which gives it a cool effect you gotta snap pics of. Plus, they have over 100 flavours that are sold on rotation – here’s what we got.  

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XL bucket with 7 scoops and 5 toppings

Giant smoky buckets of homemade ice cream

Step into Tree On 3 Shopping Mall and you’ll see a giant bucket of ice cream that’ll signal you to the store. Once here, we had the options of 2 main options:

  • Bucket Berg Party
    • XL (฿389): 7 scoops and 5 toppings
    • 2XL(฿659): 13 scoops and 7 toppings
  • Bucket Berg Cone
    • M (฿229): 3 ice cream cones and 3 toppings
    • L (฿349): 5 ice cream cones and 4 toppings

We decided to go with the XL Bucket Berg Party. Then the most difficult time: I had to pick which flavours to order!

Homemade ice cream in Bangkok
Their most popular flavour is the Cookie Monster, which was unfortunately not available while we were down. Try it if you get the chance!

Bucket Berg Ice Cream offers over 100 flavours on the menu, with 36 flavours on rotation each day. So, I asked the staff to recommend some unique flavours, and we decided on Hokkaido Milk, Oreo Cheese, Tiramisu, Blue Caramel, Bubble Gum, Mixed Berry, and Mango Sticky Rice.

We also had the option of picking 5 toppings, and we went with Oreos, marshmallows, cereal, Fruit Loops, and chocolate sauce. 

Giant ice cream in Bangkok

15 minutes later, a huge bucket of ice cream arrived at our table. Make sure you snap all your photos before the smoke from the dry ice disappears!

Tons of flavors offered at Bucket Burg ice cream
All the flavours we got

The first flavour we tried was Hokkaido Milk. I was hesitant to order this at first, as many brands that offer this flavour often taste artificially sweet or too much like milk powder. However, Bucket Berg’s version had a smooth, milky taste and wasn’t too sweet. 

Homemade ice cream in Bangkok
On that note, if you’re a fan of creamy flavours, don’t miss the Oreo Cheese – which basically tastes like a yummy Oreo cheesecake! Need I explain more?

Tiramisu and Blue Caramel are 2 other flavours we really liked. The former has a subtle coffee taste, but if you’re worried about staying up all night, go for the latter – it was like we were drinking caramel milk with this one. 

Ice cream shop in BangkokFruit lovers have all sorts of fruity flavours to pick from, ranging from sweet to sour. Try mixed berry for a refreshing perk-me-up

Sweettooths shouldn’t skip the Mango Sticky Rice, which had a rich scent of coconut milk. It tasted like ripe mangoes and we felt like we were having the actual dessert in frozen form. 

Other than this supersized bucket, Bucket Berg also serves many other sweet treats like Bingsu (฿179), Waffles (from ฿149), and fresh Toast with Ice Cream (from ฿195)

Cute ice cream cafe at Tree On 3 mall 

Bucket Burg ice cream shop in Bangkok

Aside from offering tons of flavours, Bucket Berg also has a cute atmosphere with IG-worthy spots. 

Bucket Berg Ice Cream is located inside Tree On 3 mall, which can easily be reached by Charoenrat BRT station. 

Ice cream shop in Bangkok

The mall is great for sneaking out of the busy city centre and enjoying a peaceful place equipped with restaurants and fashion stores. 

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Bucket Berg Ice Cream at Tree On 3
Address: Tree On 3 shopping mall, Rama 3 Rd., Bang Kho Laem District, Bangkok 10120.
Opening Hours: 11AM-9PM, Daily
Nearest Train Station: Charoenrat BRT
Telephone: +66 81 715 0505

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