Brown sugar boba cakes at 7-11 Thailand

Bubble tea cupcake at 7-11 ThailandImages adapted from: @manuddreview711

There are many unexpected food and snack trends like the recent pork slices for 24-7 shabu shabu cravings and chewy brown sugar candies

Here’s another snack for BBT lovers and 7-11 fans to enjoy. Now, you can buy a fluffy brown sugar cupcake with konjac boba at 7-11 Thailand. 

Three-layer cream cake with brown sugar konjac boba

ฺีBrown sugar cupcake at 7-11 ThailandImage credit: @kirakirakirati

7-11 Thailand launched new cupcake selections – the Brown Sugar Cupcake With Fresh Cream

The dessert comes in three layers: a spongy butter cake at the bottom, chewy brown sugar konjac pearls and fluffy brown sugar cream on the top. 

Bubble tea cupcake at 7-11 ThailandImage credit: @manuddreview711

This little cupcake is packed with the rich scent and taste of brown sugar which will surely impress all sweet tooths. 

cupcakes at 7-11 ThailandImages adapted from @sssmileye and @Phanbie

There are other cupcake flavours including chocolate, strawberry, and blueberry, and they all cost just ฿35

So, there is nothing to worry about if you’re craving for a cup of brown sugar boba in the middle of the night. 7-11 Thailand will help you get a sugar fix at any time! 

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