Free rides at BTS Ha Yaek Lat Phrao

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Image adapted from: BTS SkyTrain

Ha Yeak Lat Phrao is a busy intersection in Bangkok well-known for traffic jams, but its new BTS station hopes to reduce this problem. Also known locally as Ladprao, commuters can now conveniently travel to other parts of the city without having to drive through the jam.

Free rides on 9 August 2019 from 3pm onwards

BTS expanding station

Image credit: BTS Sky Train 

Ha Yeak Lat Phrao station will be opened to the public on 9 August 2019, from 3pm onwards, with a free trial service between the green line expanding stations: Mo Chit and Ha Yeak Lat Phrao. However, Chatuchak Park MRT station is not included in this scheme. Ultimately, the free fare policy is temporarily applied only in the trial session which will be ongoing for a month, and BTS will be announcing its concession fares after it has been finalised. 

To follow up on the fares, you can visit the BTS website for updates.

Things to do in the Ladprao area

For BTS passengers who have no idea about Ladprao, this station sits close to two big shopping centres – Central Ladprao and Union Mall. 

BTS expanding station

Do your shopping at Union Mall when in the area
Image credit: Wel1997

Before the new BTS station, commuters would have needed to transit from the BTS line to the MRT and head to the nearest station of Kamphaeng Phet. Another option would be to get on a bus or taxi, which can take even longer due to the jams. 

So, if you have never been to the Ladprao area before, you should pay it a visit now that it has become more convenient to get here. 

More BTS lines to expand in the future

BTS expanding station

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And the good news doesn’t stop there. There will also be 4 more stations expanding on the Green Line from Mo Chit to Khu Khot BTS stations, which will be open to the public in 2020. 

The stations include Phahon Yothin 24, Ratchayothin, Sena Nikhom, and Kasetsart University. The soon-to-be-open stations can potentially reduce the number of vehicles on the main road and provide an alternative travel option to Kasetsart University students.

One easy tip from a Bangkokian to non-locals is to travel along the BTS lines since it is easy, safe, and takes less time. With more lines opening, this makes exploring Bangkok more convenient. It will now be easier to reach tourist attractions like shopping centres, bars, or restaurants, which are always near BTS stations.