Meiji Brown Yoghurt in Thailand

Bubble tea is still popular, and it is in everything and everywhere – from cupcakes, candy, bingsu, to even inedible items like passports and body lotion

It’s time for yoghurt to have its own bubble tea version. Meiji has launched a new Brown Yoghurt with brown sugar konjac boba available only in Thailand. 

Enjoy bubble tea flavours in a healthier way

Meiji Brown Yoghurt
Image credit: Meiji Yoghurt

This is the first time Thailand has enjoyed a bubble tea flavoured yoghurt. Meiji’s Brown Yoghurt allows us to eat rather healthily while still enjoying ourselves with our beloved bubble tea. 

Meiji Brown YoghurtImage credit: ถนัดชิม

The yoghurt comes in a light brown colour with a smooth texture and a scent of caramel and brown sugar. And there is real konjac boba inside for all BBT lovers to enjoy chewing on. 

Though it tastes just like the original brown sugar milk tea, the product has fewer calories at just 130 kilocalories (compared to a cup of BBT which has around 240-360 kilocalories). 

Moreover, it contains probiotics that benefit our bowel system. 

Meiji Brown YoghurtImage credit: ถนัดชิม

Meiji Brown Yogurt gathers all we love in one cup, available at ฿19 (~USD0.60) at Tesco Lotus, Big C, Tops, Makro, CP Fresh Mart, Lawson, MaxValu, FamilyMart and Gourmet Market. 

Get your bubble tea fix with this healthier choice, so you don’t have to feel guilty with the amount of sugar and calories!

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Featured image adapted from: Meiji Yoghurt and ถนัดชิม

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