New BBT snack from Taiwan

BBT item
Images adapted from: PromoDinner, @backpa2012

Drinking BBT is one of our favourite hobbies, so you cannot miss this new brown sugar bubble tea candy from Taiwan, which is on the shelves in 7-11 Thailand.

Choco candy with brown sugar flavoured boba pearls

BBT item
Image credit: PromoDinner

The Brown Sugar Bubble Tea Ball (฿35/ ~8 pieces) is a marble-sized brown sugar-flavoured boba pearl encased in yummy milk chocolate. This simple sweet combination is like munching on BBT, and we probably won’t be able to stop till we finish the package.

BBT item
Image credit: @backpa2012 

If you happen to like BBT but prefer something a little less sweet, we recommend having the candy with a glass of milk to balance the flavours. 

Head to the 7-11 outlet near your place to try this for yourselves.

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