The officer knew how to dance

BreakOff cover
Images adapted from: Eyewitness News WTVO WQRF

Many protesters in the United States and around the world feel anxious for change and racial justice, especially with how slow things are moving as a result of the pandemic.

Due to past incidents, many feel uneasy around uniformed authorities. But we can’t always judge people by their appearance or uniform.

This past Friday (5th June) in the United States, two police officers joined a group of Black Lives Matter protesters in dancing, and one of the officers showed his breakdancing skills.

The crowd was full of energy

During a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in Illinois, USA, two officers watched a group of protesters form a circle, with a few dancing around.

Suddenly, one protester danced at the officers and marked an invisible line with his foot, challenging them to cross it. 

An officer, Hector Gutierrez, took off his gear and holster and proceeded to throw down his challenger.

The crowd cheered for both sides

BreakOff windmill
36-year-old Hector Gutierrez performs a windmill move
Image credit: The Daily Herald/Picasso Cerrado

What they didn’t know was that officer Gutierrez used to dance in high school, and the crowd’s energy roused up the skills he hadn’t used in years.

The other officer, Cmdr. Eric Echevarria, couldn’t breakdance, but the protesters were sporting enough to break into a new dance routine he happily joined in.

Fellow officers reportedly wanted dance lessons from Gutierrez afterwards. However, his knees and back were probably still aching from all that dancing.

Staying positive together

Everyone’s tense right now whether it’s because of the pandemic or the protests. It’s refreshing to see some playful rivalry where people get to enjoy themselves and forget about boundaries.

We sometimes forget that there are good people out there because we hear a lot of bad things. Settling problems peacefully has a bigger impact on a community and yourself than would harming others. Stay safe, everyone.

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