Brave Doggo Blocks Man’s Path & Refuses To Leave, Guides Him To Save Abandoned Baby Nearby

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Abandoned baby in Sibonga, Philippines

Dogs are truly too pure for this world, and just in case that message wasn’t made clear, it’s time to ready the waterworks for this story.

On 24th December 2020 in Sibonga, Philippines, a dog led a motorist to save the life of a baby that’d been abandoned in true Christmas miracle fashion.

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Blocked his path and kept on barking

The story begins on the morning of Christmas Eve, when 36-year-old Junrell Fuentes Revilla had been travelling along a local dumpsite on his motorcycle. As he was making his way, a black stray dog blocked his path and started barking at him profusely.

abandoned baby in sibonga
Mr Revilla followed the random stray he encountered to see what the fuss was about
Image credit: Cebu Daily News

After some time had passed and the noisy pup refused to stop, Mr Revilla decided to follow the dog to a grassy spot on the dumpsite where he then made a startling discovery – an abandoned baby with no parent in sight.

abandoned baby in sibonga
Image credit: Cebu Daily News

Mr Revilla immediately brought the baby to the hospital for treatment. Cebu Daily News also reported that officials are currently investigating the incident and trying to find the baby’s mother by reaching out to locals in the area.

Making matters worse was the fact that the baby boy was clearly a newborn – only wrapped in a towel, the infant had his placenta and umbilical cord still attached. Though nothing has been confirmed, one could make the assumption that the poor baby was abandoned right after birth.

abandoned baby in sibonga
Mr Revilla cradles the baby he found at the dumpsite
Image credit: Reddit

Thankfully, the baby is currently in custody and in safe hands.

Dog wasn’t a stray after all

abandoned baby in sibonga
Image credit: Hope for Strays via Immae Lachica / CDN Digital

From initial reports, many including Mr Revilla thought that the brave doggo was just a stray. However in a splash of wholesome news, the canine hero is named Blacky – a 1.5 year old cutie owned by one Lyndon Olingay in Sibonga town, CDN shared.

Concerned netizens who were worried not just for the baby but also the “stray” were relieved to know that he had a family that cared for him.

abandoned baby in sibonga abandoned baby in sibonga


Blacky definitely wins hero of the year award in our books.

And despite the unfortunate situation, we hope the little baby boy can also find a loving family to take care of him as well.

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Image credit: Hope for Strays via Immae Lachica, Reddit

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