Thai-born Lisa is the most followed K-Pop star on Instagram

lisa blackpink number one instagram

Images adapted from: @lalalalisa_mKoreaboo

All hail the K-pop Instagram queen, Lisa from BLACKPINK. It’s half way through 2019 and the list of 10 most followed Instagrams in the K-pop industry has emerged. It’s not a surprise that one of the “Kill This Love” singers will rank the top due to their hit singles, but we’re even more joyful when it turned out to be Lisa, a Bangkok-born member of the group.

Lisa holds the title with a whopping 23.1 million followers at the time of writing. Her runner up is also no stranger: Jenny BLACKPINK, with 19.6 million followers.

Fans from all over the world

We’re guessing that Lisa’s follower count has skyrocketed because she has a strong fanbase in both South Korea and Thailand.lisa blackpink and members

Lisa and her fellow BLACKPINK members
Image credit: @lalalalisa_m

Her fans even came together to defend Lisa in early 2019 when some K-pop fans made racist remarks about her appearance. They came up with the hashtag “#savelisa” to show their support.

5 fun facts about Lisa from BLACKPINK

Lisa’s full Thai name is Lalisa Manoban

We can see where did her nickname Lisa comes from. Thai fans are always proud to know Lisa’s native name when the whole world recognises her by another. However, this was actually changed from her birth name Pranpriya.

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Image credit: Allure 

Lisa comes from the Buriram province in Northeastern Thailand

Buriram is a northeastern province in Thailand, which is famous for its football team and huge arena. Lisa was once spotted taking a bus from Buriram to Bangkok, and fans praised her for her humbleness.

lisa blackpink thai bus

Image credit: Sanook

Lisa can speak 4 languages

It turns out that Lisa can speak the most languages amongst all the BLACKPINK members. She can speak in Thai , Korean, English, and Japanese. On top of being a good dancer and rapper, Lisa is apparently a language genius too.

lisa blackpink speaks 4 languages

Image credit: K Bee

Lisa wanted to open a Thai restaurant in South Korea

During a radio interview in 2017, Lisa talked about things she enjoys in her home country, one of which being her favourite dish – Thai rice noodles (ก๋วยเตี๋ยว – Kuay Teow). She also revealed that she’d like to open a Thai restaurant in South Korea.

I was disappointed that not many people know how delicious Thai rice noodles are.” she said. “I really want to open a Thai restaurant in Korea someday.”  There she goes winning Thai fans’ hearts again.

Lisa blackpink eats

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Lisa had 5 years of dance training

Being a dancing queen herself, Lisa revealed that she looks up to Momo from the girl group TWICE as her dance idol. As for Lisa, she trained for over five years before her debut. Talk about a hard-working idol.

lisa blackpink dance

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Lisa, fighting!

If you’re not following Lisa already, do so at @lalalalisa_m. Take part in her journey and help her stay number #1 on Instagram.