Protesters watched over restaurants 

Black Volunteers Guard Thai Restaurants From Looters In Minneapolis

Images adapted from: Khun Nai Thai Cuisine and Khaosod English

While some people see the protests in the United States as an opportunity to vandalise and steal from local businesses, this volunteer group of black Americans in Minneapolis is making sure everyone is safe.  

Suniporn Yotharak, the owner of Thai restaurant Khun Nai Thai, revealed to Khaosod English that the volunteer group, organised by a Jamaican eatery nearby, protected her restaurant from looters during the unrest protest in the area.

Khun Nai Thai

Suniporn Yotharak (right) giving out Thai food to volunteers and needy folks in the area
Image credit: Khun Nai Thai Cuisine

“Luckily, our shop was not damaged at all since we have a volunteer group protecting the community right across from our shop,” said Miss Yotharak. “Without them, all the shops in the area would have been destroyed.”

To return the kindness, Miss Yotharak gave out Thai food, as well as other essential goods, to the volunteer group. 

Thai restaurant supported the movement

Amazing Thailand restaurant

Image credit: Amazing Thailand Uptown

Amazing Thai is another Thai restaurant in Minneapolis that was left untouched. However, there was no report on whether the volunteers were looking after it. 

To show their support for the movement, the restaurant posted a picture of its staff holding up signs along with a statement demanding justice for the death of George Floyd as well as for the black community. 

“We are heartbroken for the pain our city is experiencing and thankful that our business, built and tended by immigrants and people of color, can continuing serving our community today,” said Amazing Thai on their Facebook page.

The #BlackLivesMatter movement

Black Lives Matter

Image credit: BBC

On 25th May 2020, a video of an African-American man named George Floyd being asphyxiated to death by a Minneapolis police officer went viral, sparking nationwide protests in the United States.

The official post-mortem examination revealed that Mr Floyd suffered a cardiac arrest while being restrained by the officer. 

Black Lives Matter

Image credit: DW

According to BBC, more than 70 American cities have witnessed the #BlackLivesMatter movement, which demands justice for Mr Floyd and calls for change regarding police brutality.

Mr Floyd’s death was one of many deaths caused by law enforcement officers in the US. Since the year 2,000, a total of 28,139 Americans have been killed. 

Of this number, 7,612 deaths was that of African-Americans, whose death rate roughly doubles their population ratio.

We’re sending our heartfelt support to the black community to keep fighting for justice. Stay safe everyone. 

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