Smart bird turns mop into nest

“Bird brain” is a phrase to describe someone’s lack of intelligence that came about because the size of a bird’s brain is physically small.

However, this dove proves the remark wrong. It shows that intelligence isn’t measured by the size of a being’s brain – this smart bird turns a mop into a nest.

Here’s how its landlord is assisting it to adapt to its new chateau.

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Bird gets umbrella as an upgrade

The bird is making itself at home on Chaaim Suwanmanee’s balcony, where the host left out a mop that got turned into a nest. On 6th June 2021, the homeowner posted one of the images that shows that she has upgraded this new resident’s house with an umbrella. 

This winged friend received this valuable service because the nest was exposed directly under sunlight and prone to rain drops.

bird-turns-mopImage credit: Chaaim Suwanmanee

Rain or shine, the bird will always come back here to seek shelter wherever it feels safe because of its natural instincts.

bird-turns-mopThere are always twigs gathered on the mop. The bird looks settled.
Image credit: Chaaim Suwanmanee

It takes a village

You may be wondering what happens to the new resident whilst the landlord is gone. Well, Chaaim’s neighbour assists her in keeping an eye out for any threats to the feathered tenant’s home. 

Image credit: Chaaim Suwanmanee


Neighbour: The wind blew the umbrella and it’s tilted now.

Landlord: I’ll go fix it once I’m back from work. Thank you so much for telling me.

Doves are common in Bangkok

Doves are some of the several most commonly spotted birds in Bangkok. They’re highly likely to find shelter at any home they see, especially during monsoon season.

However, they don’t spread diseases and aren’t as concerning as pigeons. Therefore, doves aren’t considered pests and disease spreaders like its counterpart.

Helping animals that seek shelter

From stray cats to doves, there are many animals that seek shelter around the country because of many reasons. It’s wholesome to see people dedicating their time to help a bird renovate its new home. 

This bird shows that inner intelligence that it shares like other animals – they rely on their natural instincts as well as a helping hand. 

What’s an animal that has come to you for shelter?

Cover images adapted from: Chaaim Suwanmanee

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