Living amid COVID-19 in Thailand

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Images adapted from: Bank Thaksin

The COVID-19 pandemic might be scary, but it has shown us that there are tons of people with strong hearts fighting to live during this difficult time. At the same time, there are many kind people who are willing to support each other, no matter the circumstances.

This is the heartwarming story of a grandpa in Thailand who got support from the public while on his journey home across the country on just his bicycle.

Grandpa is finally safe at home with support from netizens 

Mr. Bank Thaksin took to Facebook to share a story that warmed the hearts netizens. In his post, he shared that he found an elderly man in Mahasarakham province. After speaking to him, he found out that this grandpa had lost his job as a security guard in Rayong and was on his way back home in Ubon Ratchatani, but he didn’t have any money. 

He thus decided to take his bicycle and travel all the way from Rayong, biking along the roads and resting at bus stops whenever he felt tired. He had been cycling for a few days until Mr. Thaksin found him.

Grandpa bikes across province without money after losing jobSource: Google Map

To put things into perspective, Rayong to Ubon Ratchathani is over 628km apart and can take up to 10 hours to get to just by car. Grandpa was found at Mahasarakham, which meant that he must have been biking for a total of over 7 hours already.

Grandpa Bikes Across Thailand after losing job during COVID-19

Translation: I gave him some food and water. If there is anyone driving by, please give him a ride. Now, grandpa is at Kut Rang District in Mahasarakham.

Grandpa bikes across province without money after losing job
Grandpa was resting at a bus stop
Image credit: Bank Thaksin 

People came forward to help

Mr. Thaksin posted an update for all his followers, saying, “Grandpa [reached] home in Ubon Ratchatani on 19th April 2020, at around 11.50am. Thank you to all the kind people who helped him [get] there. We wish you all the happiness and good luck.” 

Grandpa Bikes Across Thailand after losing job during COVID-19
Image credit: Bank Thaksin 

Netizens came together to show their support and shared the stories with others. As reported by Sanook, he was eventually helped by Chee Tum Khor, a rescue organisation in Ubon Ratchathani. The organisation aids people in emergencies and provides underprivileged locals with essentials.

When they heard about the poor grandpa who was well on his way on just his bicycle, they set off to find him and drove him home safe and sound.

Grandpa Bikes Across Thailand after losing job during COVID-19
Image credit: วารินชำราบบ้านเฮา อุบลราชธานี

Facebook page วารินชำราบบ้านเฮา อุบลราชธานี  also shared pictures to show everyone that grandpa was now safe at home. Phew!

This is the positive power of social media. We’re thankful that people came together to help someone in need – we hope grandpa stays strong during this time too!

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