Roti places in BKK for foodies

Roti is one of the most well-loved snacks found on Bangkok’s streets. It is very flexible and can be eaten sweet or savoury, and sometimes even both at once.

There are many roti stalls in and around Bangkok, but few places flip up the formula beyond our fave roadside choco-banana variants. Here are places that serve unique roti dishes that you knead to try at least once.

Disclaimer: We want to remind you not to call roti a “flat croissant” nor eat it raw.

1. Roti Hia Gum – flavoured rainbow roti sai mai

rainbow rotiImage credit: hia.gum

Multicoloured roti sai mai (roti-wrapped cotton candy, translated to “silk rope”) with more than two colours are not uncommon at marketplaces. However, Roti Hia Gum have sai mai (cotton candy) coupled with a variety of flavoured doughs to choose from.

Sweet purple potatoes and pumpkin (all flavours ฿10) are a couple of roti flavours available to roll up with your cotton candy of choice.

roti sai maiImages adapted from: @wongnai

By the way, those sai mai colours aren’t just for show. You can pick from many different flavours for cotton candy including banana, cocoa, and pandan. It comes in small (฿25), medium (฿50), large (฿100), and extra large (฿150).

roti frittersImage credit: Wongnai

This store also has crispy Roti Sticks (฿35) with a choice of sesames, scallion, or white chocolate.

Roti Hia Gum (โรตีสายไหมเฮียก่ำ)
Address: Thanon Ratchaphruek, Tambon Bang Krang, Amphoe Mueang Nonthaburi, Chang Wat Nonthaburi 11000
Opening Hours: 8AM-6PM, Daily

2. Athit Roti – roti flour made from fruits and more

athit roti

You can occasionally find pandan roti at local stalls, but there could be much more variety from ingredients found around you. Athit Roti makes their roti flours from real fruit as well as other flavours, having been inspired from looking around in the marketplace.

athit roti

You can get plain roti for ฿10 or get other flavours for ฿15, with notable flavours including Cha Yen, Cantaloupe, Blueberry and Chocolate.

athot roti bangkok

They also have additional toppings for your roti. You can get bananas for ฿10, chocolate syrup for ฿5, and raisins for ฿5

Roti Athit (โรตี อาทิตย์โรตี โรตีแป้งผลไม้ โรตีไม่ธรรมดา)
Address: 52 Moo 5 Lat Sawai, Lumlukka, 12150 Pathum Thani
Opening Hours: 5-10PM, Daily

3. Taeor Roti Mataba Chachak – late-night roti from southern Thailand

roti in bangkokImage credit: EDTguide

You can find roti stalls nearly everywhere in Bangkok, but finding one that serves authentic southern-style roti is hard to come by. Taeor Roti Mataba Chachak comes from Pattani, a town in the far south of Thailand, and they insist on using ingredients brought directly from southern Thailand to make their dishes more authentic.

roti matabakImage credit: MakanHalalGuide

Their Martabak Beef (฿45) is plumped with beef fillings and roti thin enough to ensure you get enough taste of the meat.

roti curry
Image credit: Bear Duck Traveler

If fillings are not your style, try their Roti and Beef Curry (฿40) which has a small but aromatic serving of beef curry and spoon it over a soft and chewy side of roti. Even their Cha Chak (Teh Tarik, ฿35) has a well-rounded taste and aroma familiar to more authentic roti stalls. It can be served either hot or cold.

This stall is also halal, so Muslim roti fans can enjoy their food with a clear conscience.

Taeor Roti Mataba Chachak (แตออโรตีชาชัก)
Address: 498 Phetchaburi Rd, Thung Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400
Opening Hours: 6:30AM-11:30PM, closed on Mondays

4. On-Zon Roti – Thai-style pizza roti

A stall serving sweet roti is quite commonplace around Bangkok, but roti isn’t a one-trick pony of just condensed milk and sugar. For those who need a break from sweets, On-Zon Roti serves savoury dishes inspired by western cuisine.

Take the crispy, chewiness of roti and top it like a pizza to make Roti Pizza (฿50). On-Zon Roti is one of the few stalls to offer savoury roti that doesn’t demote it to a curry’s side dish. 

on zon roti pizza 2

This cheesy dish resembles a thin-crusted pizza but has the chewiness of a roti to keep you savouring every munch, garnished with oregano and tangy pizza sauce.

on zon roti

Besides their pizza, we recommend their roti version of pigs in a blanket (sausage buns) called Duo Roti (฿45) or Cheese Talak (฿45) that looks like a cross-bread between a croissant and a bagel.

Read our full review here:

On-Zon Roti
Address: Talat Permsub, Charoenrat Rd., Bang Kho, Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok 10120.
Opening Hours: Mon-Tues/Thurs-Sun 10AM-8AM, Wed 8AM-8PM
Telephone: +66 94 859 7575

5. Go Roti – giant roti

roti bear giant roti

Big eaters find themselves ordering a whole bag of roti because stalls admittedly have thin proportions that simply isn’t enough to sate an appetite. Well, Go Roti (or Ko Rotee) has the mother-of-all desserts to fill the roti-sized hole in your stomach. That is, if your roti was super-sized and towering over you.

ko rotee volcano
Their Roti Phoo Khao Fai (Roti Volcano, ฿90) is a magnificent dish that will peak your appetite if you are looking for a dish that makes heads turn.

green tea roti

Or you can go with the plain roti, but make it XXL with Kom Faek (฿40) – a meal that’s bigger than your arm and is about a foot long. It also comes in a green tea flavour for ฿40 or with foi thong (golden egg yolk threads) for ฿65.

But for more fun, it is recommended that you come here with your buddies, as these giants can feed 2-3 people per serving.

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Ko Rotee Chachak (Lat Phrao Wanghin)
Address: 383 Lat Phrao Wanghin Rd., Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230
Opening Hours: Monday 7PM-11PM, Tues-Wed 12PM-11PM, Thurs-Sun 10:30AM-11PM
Telephone: +66 82 989 4465

6. Roti Bear – roti hot pot

Roti Bear is a roti fusion cafe with a long list of variations to choose from, from plain roti with eggs and bananas to chocolate syrup with whipped cream and golden threads (foi thong). The specialty menu offered by the cafe sticks out the most as the most creative ways of eating your otherwise regular roti.

roti hot pot

We’ve all watched roti sizzle on pans and wondered how it would feel to have roti while it’s still cooking up. Roti Bear had the same thought and added chocolate, marshmallows, and cornflakes, topped with ice cream to make Roti Hot Pot (฿139).

roti banoffee

Roti Bear also has Roti Banoffee (฿99). The roti holds together a sweet-tangy, crunchy filling of bananas and caramel cracker flakes, with a mound of whipped cream in the middle.

roti bear spinach roti
Get the Spinach & Cheese Roti (฿89) for something a little more savoury

The shop also opens late into the night, so if you’re craving for some after-midnight roti, Roti Bear’s got you covered.

Roti Bear (โรตีแบร์)
Address: 270 Lat Phrao Road, Wang Thonglang, Bangkok 10310
Opening Hours: 11AM-3AM, Daily
Telephone: 080 906 4868
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Wrapping it up

Roti may not originally be from Thailand, but it continues to be a popular snack among locals. And since it is everywhere, having it in various ways is how we continue to love it.

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