Wagyu beef mooncakes in Thailand

Mid-Autumn Festival – street-named ‘Mooncake Festival’ – is fast-approaching.

‘Tis the season where patisseries and bakeries invent flavor combinations of mooncakes in all shapes and sizes, for customers willing to shell out a pretty penny for reinventions of the traditional snacks.

A self-styled premium Wellington beef mooncake by Chef Attasit “Big” Pattanasatienkul, who posted pics of his creation on Facebook, has recently caught our attention.

The pastry holds notes of black truffle and cinnamon, and contains a medium-rare wagyu steak – marketed as a high-end savory treat. Intrigued? We’ll reserve judgment for now, but let’s take a closer look at what inspired this creation, and how much it costs.

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Wellington beef mooncakes with black truffle pastry

From the mooncake’s exterior – it’s hard to tell at first glance what lies at the heart of it. For context, one usually expects a salted egg yolk core, surrounded by a dash of lotus seeds and enveloped by rich lotus paste.

Image credit: yaktummaiyakgin

Instead of a traditional lotus paste filling, Chef Attasit chose to include a thicc wagyu beef steak, seared on both sides at the heart of this mooncake.

Image credit: yaktummaiyakgin

A savory beef mooncake may seem like a brow-raising choice, but the flavor profile does sound pretty interesting.

The pastry includes notes of cinnamon wine, and hints of black truffle, and an orange zest glaze.

Image credit: yaktummaiyakgin

Your grandma may not be fully impressed, but serving it on traditional red and gold plate will def help persuade her to take a first bite.

Handmade mooncakes priced at ฿2,345/pair

For a pair of these baked treats, adventurous mooncake connoisseurs can expect to fork out ฿2,345 (~USD 71.33)/box.

Image credit: yaktummaiyakgin

As each beef mooncake is handmade to precision, limited quantities of the boxes are available – an auspicious 168 pairs to be precise.

Pre-orders are now open however, from 15th September 2021 to 25th September 2021, via LINE Shopping.

Image credit: yaktummaiyakgin

Fastest fingers first, however. We’d expect them to sell like hotcakes – pardon the pun.

Much ado about mooncakes

In the vast realm of mooncake types and flavours, it’s interesting to see this Chef Attasit take a savoury approach to a traditional sweet treat.

Interestingly, this tradition of reinventing the popular snack is rooted in the innovation that chefs all over the Asia practice, when Mid-Autumn Festival rolls around.

Take Hong Kong’s Phoebe’s Kitchen for instance. They’ve released their take on stuffing a juicy beef patty in a mooncake this year too.

Regardless of whether you’re intrigued by the idea of a beef wellington housed within a mooncake, or you’re bamboozled by the extravagant price, we’re just glad that there are chefs pushing the boundaries – and definitions – of what our traditional snacks entail.

Are you keen to give this beef mooncake a try? Let us know in the comments if it’s ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ for you.

Cover image adapted from: yaktummaiyakgin, yaktummaiyakgin

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