Bearded dragon wears a floral dress

With self-isolation regulations imposed over the past couple months, our fashion choices have been characterised by sweatpants and work-appropriate tops. Recently, the government announced the reopening of some public spaces. TBH, we’re super excited to go back into the world – but aren’t too hyped up about wearing real clothes again.

This bearded dragon, however, seems to have absolutely no qualms about going back out into public. Just a day ago, a veterinarian posted a picture of a very well-dressed reptile onto their Facebook page and netizens are living for it.

Read on to find out more about Thailand’s newest fashion icon.

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Bearded dragon dresses up to go to the vet

A bearded dragon donned a strappy pastel blue dress with a floral pattern for their visit to the vet. The reptile completed their summer-y ensemble with with a matching bow on its tail, as seen on โรงพยาบาลสัตว์แอนิมอลสเปซ Animal Space Hospital‘s Facebook post.

The image was posted on 15th September 2021.

bearded-dragon-dressScreenshot: โรงพยาบาลสัตว์แอนิมอลสเปซ Animal Space Hospital

The veterinarian’s caption reads, “You can’t come to the doctor’s without clothes on – wear a floral dress!”

It seems that the bearded dragon was not only being considerate of the veterinarian’s comfort by covering up with a dress, but was also following current trends.

bearded-dragon-floral-dressImage credit: @diet_prada

See? Two celebrities wore floral dresses on the red carpet at this year’s Met Gala, an event hosted by the fashion authority, Vogue.

It’s not every day you see a fashionable reptile, so it’s no surprise that the post has over 5.5K likes, 1K comments, and has been shared over 1.9K times. Let’s see what other netizens have to say about the dress.

Netizens react to fashionable bearded dragon

With the Met Gala being so recent, people seem to be really tapping into their knowledge of fashion and style. Here’s what some of the critics are saying about the reptile’s ensemble.

First up is an astute observation of the bearded dragon’s adaptability.

Screenshot: Kapook

Translation: This bearded dragon has no hair, so they placed the matching bow on their tail – niiice! 

Another netizen went as far to use the Thai slang term and onomatopoeia for “explosive”.

Screenshot: Kapook

Translation: The bomb!

While the two commenters above were quick to praise the bearded dragon’s fashion choices, this social media user wasn’t too pleased with the revealing nature of the bearded dragon’s dress.

Screenshot: Kapook

Netizen 1: The dress is too short. It’d be nice if you found some bloomers to wear underneath. 
Netizen 2: Scandalous!  

However, the top comment has to be this individual’s. They shared an image of their bearded dragon wearing an avant-garde outfit that was, of course, complete with a complementary hat and beaded necklace.

Screenshot: Kapook

Translation: We wear clothes in this haus too. 

Here’s a closeup of another well-dressed bearded dragon.

bearded-dragon-friendImage credit: Kapook

Considering this individual’s comment received over 500 reacts, reptile fashion seems to be a point of interest for many.

Finding the little joys in life

With things opening up again, we’re hoping we can re-curate our wardrobe to match this bearded dragon’s impeccable fashion sense. *Takes note of the matching bow* 

Also, we think we should give some props to the bearded dragon’s stylist – their owner. Not only did the individual manage to thrust this reptile into the limelight as a fashion icon, but they also created a source of joy for what appears to be so many people across the internet.

In times like these, it’s crucial that we find ways to light up our lives.

Cover image adapted from (L-R): @lilireinhart, โรงพยาบาลสัตว์แอนิมอลสเปซ Animal Space Hospital

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