Thai woman watches a snake devour a rat in the bathroom

We’ve all heard – or even experienced – our fair share of bathroom horror stories. Whether it’s about a facility that may not be the most sanitary, or our bodies disagreeing with what we ate – it’s happened.

However, nothing can top a story with a snake involved.

Here’s the unfortunate tale of a woman who’s forced to watch a snake shamelessly chow down on a rat, as nature’s calling keep her stuck on the toilet.

CW: The write-up contains depictions of dying animals.

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Woman trapped in bathroom with a snake and its prey(s)

A snake is seen strangling a rat in a TikTok uploaded by @numprikaiai on 20th September 2021.

Shrill cries and some – justifiable – choice words from the clip’s narrator can be heard in the background, as the commentator describes her unfortunate situation.

Screenshot: @numprikaiai

The filmmaker screams that she can’t leave the grotesque scene because she’s still in the middle of doing her own “business”. If you catch our drift.

If you don’t, that’s fine. Here’s a translation of her caption that explicitly explains the situation,

“I’m dropping a deuce, and there’s a snake eating a rat. Some rats have even fallen through the cracks. I can’t get up because it’s still stuck.”

bathroom-snake-ratsThe video pans over to show that smaller rats have fallen through the spaces in the walls.
Screenshot: @numprikaiai

We really wanna say we feel for this TikToker, but that’d require us to try to put ourselves in her shoes. Which, tbh, we don’t want to.

So, let’s see what other more empathetic netizens have to say about @numprikaiai‘s unfortunate situation.

Netizens pity both the rat and the bathroom user

This Thai woman posted this TikTok where she details the grotesque scene she witnessed about 23 hours ago, and has already gotten over 100K likes and 2,000 comments.

Here’s what the audiences have to say.

Screenshot: @numprikaiai

Translation: Between the person and the rat, I have no idea who to pity first. Hahaha

At the risk of sounding like an atrocious and unempathetic person, we didn’t even consider the rat’s plight until we read this comment. We were way too focused on how bad it was for this woman.

This next commentator seems to share the same sentiment, as they provided advice for the content creator.

bathroom-snake-rat-comment-2Screenshot: @numprikaiai

Translation: Hurry up and finish your business! If the snake comes for you next, then you’ll have an even bigger problem. 

We never even considered this terrifying possibility.

Luckily, however, this TikToker didn’t have to face that hypothetical either. She has since posted a sequel to the video where she shows that she’s all set to leave the bathroom.

The issue now is that she’s too afraid of what’s waiting for her outside of the door. Here’s some sound guidance that a clever audience member gave her for this dilemma.

bathroom-snake-comment 1Screenshot: @numprikaiai

Translation: You should run out of the bathroom, firsttt.

We would’ve given the same advice, netizen. Although, maybe she the TikToker was just so shell-shocked from the whole shebang that she decided that her only course of action was to take no action.

Trapped between the john and a hard place

While this story seems to be the epitome of the expression, “something you don’t see everyday”, it surprisingly isn’t our first article about a snake in the bathroom.

We’re not sure what it is about toilets that attracts these reptiles. Whatever it is, though, we hope to find out soon so we can help others from becoming another subject of torture.

We hope that this woman is safe and sound, and that she never has to deal with something like this ever again.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @numprikaiai, @numprikaiai

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