Bangkok shopping spots we can support online

It’s the end of August – what we know as summertime and the season of shopping.

Unfortunately, with the number of Covid-19 cases still rising, places such as shopping malls and outdoor markets undergoing closures, have experienced a dip in footfall and customers – some perhaps longer than others.

However, thanks to the technology of our time, several shops were able to move their businesses online – making it possible for us to still haul in goodies from home.

Here are 5 most popular Bangkok shopping spots we’ve been dying to visit as well as how we can support them besides heading down during the pandemic.

Other shopping havens in Bangkok:

1. Train Night Market Ratchada

Recently, netizens were shook to hear that Train Night Market Ratchada was “permanently” closing down.

ratchada train market
Image credit: @chanapak.p

Thank goodness it was a false alarm. Otherwise, we’d be losing one of Bangkok’s shopping paradises – the market is teeming with scrumptious food, clothing items at steal prices, and brisky bars beneath those lines of prismatic tents.

While we wait for the market’s return, we can help vendors who’ve recently lost their lots at the place by shopping through Facebook groups, like ตลาดนัดรถไฟ รัชดา: Train Night Market Ratchada.

anime figures
Here you can find items such as anime figures, antiques, and fruits grown by locals.
Screenshot: ตลาดนัดรถไฟ รัชดา: Train Night Market Ratchada

Lots of shops from Ratchada’s night market are now selling their products on Facebook and you can simply purchase one by sliding into their page’s DMs or one of their contacts, which are usually included within the posts.

online shop
You can directly message these shops on IG for an order.
Screenshot: Instagram

Another way – that requires a little more effort – is to browse for shops on Instagram via the location tag or hashtags like #trainnightmarketratchada. You’ll come across things such as trendy clothes, cheap jewelry pieces, and even football tees to surprise your BF with.

To complete the shopping vibe, don’t forget to order in a cuppa bubble milk tea to sweeten your search.

2. Srinakarin Train Night Market

Located behind Seacon Square Shopping Mall, Srinakarin Train Night Market is considered to be an OG train market. 

srinakarin market​​

What we’re missing most from the market is def the myriad of shops with unique items: from rare vintage tees to antique furniture and even action figures from the 60s – not to mention the giant-size Krapao dishes and the best boozy spots to chillax in.

For now, we can try to browse for our favourite goodies from the market through Facebook groups such as ตลาดนัดรถไฟศรีนครินทร์ (Srinakarin Train Night Market) and ตลาดนัดรถไฟ ซื้อและขายออนไลน์ (Train Night Market: Buy & Sell Online).

thai costume
Sellers typically share their FB pages along with pictures and contacts into the groups.
Screenshot: ตลาดนัดรถไฟศรีนครินทร์

In between these two pages, you can find a range of products, including dried fruits, house plants, and Thai traditional clothing – all at affordable prices. For context, ฿590 is around (~USD17), which is quite low for a traditional dress.

plant on sale
In Bangkok and interested in an entire KG of Azolla for just ฿70 (~USD2)? Just click that “message” button.
Screenshot: ตลาดนัดรถไฟ ซื้อและขายออนไลน์

While the full-scale night bazaar may be closed, the space’s still being used for Punsuk Market: a weekend market created to support food and drink vendors from both Srinakarin and Ratchada’s markets.

punsuk market
Image credit: @taradrodfi

Foodies can browse the array of food stalls in the event. Offerings include fresh produce – including local fruits like longkong and mango – to street food, brewed coffee, and Thai retro snacks.

punsuk market
Images adapted from: @taradrodfi

For those who are interested, the market opens every Saturday and Sunday for two rounds per day – one in the morning and another in the evening.

punsuk market
Images adapted from: @taradrodfi

The Srinakarin Train Night Market’s page also regularly posts pictures and updates of Punsuk Market, so make sure to give them a follow.

Punsuk Market
Opening Hours: Sat-Sun 6AM – 12PM | 4PM – 8PM
Address: Soi Srinagarindra 51, Nong Bon, Prawet, Bangkok 10250
Nearest Train Station: BTS Udom Suk

Google Maps

3. Siam Square

Located right in the centre of Bangkok, Siam Square is a gathering place of Hi-So and edgy shops, as well as hypebeasts favourite streetwear brands – plus a bunch of cafes and restaurants.

siam square
Image adapted from: @carnivalbkk

While there may not be an online marketplace for the shops at Siam, you can still catch some of them on Siam Square’s official Facebook page.

vans shoes
Most stores in Siam, like Carnival – a streetwear retail -, have online shopping websites.
Screenshot: @SiamSquareOfficial

The page actively shares which retailers, as well as restaurants and cafes, are still available for online orders.

eve and boy
The page also has insights on sales
Screenshot: @SiamSquareOfficial

The posts include ways that you can snag that dress you’ve been eyeing, like a link to a website, a LINE ID. More importantly, though, they also list which delivery services – like GrabFood and LINEMan – you’re favourite eateries are on, so no more browsing through apps to order Pad Thai from that place. 

lego siam
There’s even a Facebook page for Siam Square One, which is a mall within Siam Square.

They mostly come with pictures, so you can easily browse through their posts as if you’re window shopping.

4. MBK Center

When it comes to shopping in Bangkok, MBK Center is on the bucket lists for most foreign visitors and residents alike. It’s another shopping spot where you can bargain for prices to your hearts’ – and wallets’ – content, but minus the heat and humidity of outdoor markets.

Bangkok shopping spots
Image credit: @da.traveller72

While it’ll be impossible to wheel and deal online, you can still find cheap goodies from the place on Lazada – a recent collaboration between MBK Center and the online shopping website for lockdown season.

mbk lazada
Be it a necklace, a video game, or even lucky phone numbers, the Lazada’s version of MBK is just as diverse.

Similar to Siam Square, most of the restaurants and cafes in the shopping mall are still available for order via delivery services.

Moreover, you might want to follow MBK Center’s page, where you can get updates and join online activities to win prizes, such as discount codes.

mbk online activity
Posting a picture showing what you miss about MBK Center to win discounts on GrabFood
Screenshot: @mbkcenter

If you’re obsessed with gadgets, MBK also has a live market on Facebook every Wednesday with the biggest discounts – up to 70% – on items, such as vacuum cleaners and smartphones.

mbk live market
Image credit: @MBKLiveMarket

The livestream starts from 5PM with the host introducing the sale products in the video. To order one, you can simply type “CF” followed by the product’s code in the comments – just gotta be sure to snag it before other audience members do. 

So, tune in cuz you might just find the perfect tech gift for your dad – or yourself. 

5. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Last but not least in our list of markets we miss is Chatuchak Weekend Marketa.k.a. JJ Market. In short, it’s just the “largest” shopping spot in Bangkok with absolutely everything, including exotic pets, like snakes. *Hiss*

Bangkok shopping spots

But, okay, that’s not really what we’re looking to buy are we? 

If you’re looking for elephant pants and handcrafted items, Chatuchak Weekend Market has just the website for you to shop straight from home.

jj market website
Shops ranging from clothes to dried food to spa products
Screenshot: Chatuchak Weekend Market

Though it may not exactly be a shopping website, there you can find a list of vendors from the market as well as their contact details.

jj market website
Their contact details are listed right below the shop names. As the description is mostly in Thai, you’ll have to look carefully for keywords like “Line ID” or “IG”.
Screenshot: Chatuchak Weekend Market

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for – which is how we all feel when we visit JJ and come back with bags of knick knacks – you can also browse Chatuchak Weekend Market’s Facebook page

online marketplace
Thai scarves made from 100% cotton fabric
Screenshot: @chatuchakweekendmarket1

The page is basically a “catalogue” showcasing different things, like trendy fits, handcrafted goods, and even ceramic sets to add to your dinnerware collection.

online marketplace
Screenshot: @chatuchakweekendmarket1

There are also – of course – Facebook groups for JJ Market: ตลาดนัดสวน-จตุจักร-JJ MALL and จตุจักรออนไลน์ JJ Online.

online marketplace
Screenshot: จตุจักรออนไลน์ JJ Online

Here you’ll find more food products as well as handcrafted accessories and tie dye bags.

online marketplace
Screenshot: จตุจักรออนไลน์ JJ Online

With a lot of options to go through, make sure to take a break from all that scrolling.

Visiting Bangkok shopping spots responsibly

Though our hearts go out to the vendors who’ve been trying their best to stay afloat amidst the pandemic, we’re sure that locals and travellers alike are looking for ways to support these stores.

Hopefully this short guide is useful in shedding light on their situation – as well as help them tide over this period – so we can once again look forward to heading back to these beloved Bangkok shopping spots once it’s safe again.

Stay safe, and do remember to shop responsibly. To our hardworking vendors, hang in there and we’re all rooting for you!

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