Bangkok allows dine-ins from 1st September 2021

Ever since Thailand’s daily Covid-19 case numbers were going over 10,000 cases per day since July 2021, Thai officials have been implementing stringent measures, and even considered a Wuhan-style lockdown in order to slow down infection rates. However, the administration was able to reduce the number of daily cases with a more relaxed model.

With the decreased number of infections, the government has announced the relaxation of certain Covid-19 measures from 1st September 2021 in Bangkok as well as other provinces.

Let’s look into these new measures.

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Bangkok eases restrictions from 1st September 2021

Starting from 1st September 2021, Bangkok and 28 other “Dark Red Zones” will allow restaurants to resume dine-in services. F&B outlets are able to fill their outdoor seating areas up to 75% capacity, whereas air-conditioned settings can only seat up to 50% of their normal capacity.

While dine-in services will resume, the 9PM curfew will still remain within “Dark Red Zones”, according to Bangkok Post.

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Besides restaurants, here are the new changes for other public spaces in Dark Red zones.

  • Public transport for domestic travel
    • Buses and vans will stop every couple of hours to ventilate their air and leave their doors open
    • They can only operate at 75% capacity
    • Passengers cannot consume food and drinks in the vehicle
    • Masks are to be worn all the time
  • Service establishments
    • Barbers & Salons: Only one customer allowed per hour
    • Massage parlours: Only foot massages are allowed
    • Cosmetic clinics: Not permitted to offer any services besides selling their products
    • Sports & Fitness gyms: Event spectators aren’t allowed. Those located outside of malls are allowed to remain open
  • Places that remain closed
    • Spas
    • Amusement parks
    • Conference centres
    • Movie theatres
    • Dining halls

According to The Thaiger, the Centre For Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) wants businesses to follow the “Covid Free Setting” protocol where guests who are fully jabbed will qualify for the introduced “Green Pass” and Covid-19 patients that overcame the disease will get the “Yellow Pass”.

Living with Covid-19 and its prevention guidelines

Mr. Pensom Lertsithichai, the director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Department of Information News Division has asserted that although Covid-19 cases are increasing daily, Thai government officials are still altering the rules for everybody to carry on with their daily routines outside safely.

So, everyone is required to follow the “Universal Prevention Guidelines” for protecting themselves from the disease, as set by the CCSA here.

  1. When you’re at home with more than two people, you should all wear two layers of masks; a cloth mask that covers a surgical mask
  2. Practice social distancing by staying at least two metres away from others
  3. Avoid leaving your home unless it’s absolutely necessary
  4. Take rapid antigen tests often
  5. Do not share cutlery and food
  6. Use only your own personal items
  7. Clean your hands frequently
  8. It’s a no-no to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth
  9. Only freshly cooked dishes are recommended for consumption

In order to shift Thailand back into the country’s subnormality, government officials are adapting to these prevention guidelines. The term “Smart Control and Living with Covid-19″ has been coined by the CCSA and refers to a design for the public to get used to living amongst the novel coronavirus, reported The Thaiger.

Adapting to the novel coronavirus

Even though virus curbing measures are still tight, they are allowing us to adapt to the “new normal”.

We’re hopeful that the protocols will allow us to regain some semblance of normalcy, and help us move closer towards the light at the end of the tunnel. ‘Till then, at least we can enjoy our favourite noodle soups and hawker food.

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