Pedestrian-friendly districts

After Khaosan Road’s transformation proved to be a big success, the National Charter of Thailand presented a plan to renovate more districts in the city to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA). 

The plan includes major tourist areas, CBD, and developing parts of the city: Rattanakosin Island, Yaowarat, Asoke (from Asoke intersection to Rama IX Road) and Tao Poon.

Image credit: The Standard

The purpose of this project is to transform the selected districts to be more ‘pedestrian-friendly,’ where city folks can move around safely and conveniently by foot or via public transport. 

To achieve this, the city will extend footpaths, reduce traffic, and upgrade all necessary facilities such as lighting, public transport, drainage systems, and free public Wi-Fi.  

Yaowarat to undergo changes first

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According to The Nation Thailand, Yaowarat is set to be the first district to go under renovation, which could start as soon as some time this year. 

As for the rest, more talk needs to be done between all parties involved, but they’re likely to start getting revamped next year.

Once finished, the project is expected to better Bangkokians lives as well as benefit the tourism sector of the country.

We can’t wait to see a shiny new face of our beloved city!

Design and creativity

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