PM2.5 throughout the week

Farming is one of Thailand’s largest and oldest industries – we’ve been the number one exporter of rice since, like, forever. Another Thai tradition is crop burning, a practice where farmers ignite weeds and straw remnants to make space for new flora. The agricultural burning season has begun, and is about to unleash even more PM2.5 particles across the country. 

NASA satellite catches Thai fires

Agricultural burning occurs all over Thailand, except for most of the South. Because there is little to no enforcement of proper agricultural burning practices, ashes and other mites are scattered throughout the atmosphere. These iotas add to Thailand’s hazy air problems, as posted on The Thaiger.

PM2.5 To Worsen With Crop Burning Season
Red dots that indicate fire on the map within 24 hours since January 17th 2021
Screenshot: firms.modaps

An image from a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) satellite shows fires have been spreading across Thailand since January 17th 2021 in Thailand. There are also documented fires around the Cambodian-Thai border. 

Another reason to stay indoors

First, Covid-19 and now the haze. Staying indoors seems like a smart option for now to keep our health intact. Safety Covid-19 measures help us to curb the virus, but us commuters in the city can minimise the extra impact on air pollution by staying at home.

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