New wholesale market in Bangkok 

Pantip Pratunam is one of the biggest malls where locals go for the newest gadgets in town. 

With many shopping malls popping up with the latest electronic and home entertainment departments, this 36-year-old IT centre lost its popularity – but good news, it will be renovated into a new wholesale mall named AEC Trade Center which will be ready around November 2020. 

Located near Platinum Fashion Mall 

New wholesale mall in Bangkok

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In 1984, this building was launched under the name “Excel”. It was one of the most beautiful architectural spots that teenagers at that time visited for its glass elevator. 

Then, Excel became Pantip Plaza, the biggest IT hub of Thailand in 1997, and locals called it Pantip Pratunam due to its location.

Pantip Pratunam

Change its look in 2016
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Around the end of 2020, the 36-year-old building will be renovated into a wholesale shopping spot similar to Platinum Shopping Mall, to be named AEC Trade Center.

New wholesale mall in Bangkok

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The first 2 floors will be opened in November and it will be fully operational during the beginning of 2021. 

AEC Trade Center will offer customers various goods and services ranging from fashion items, furniture, house decorations, toys, and more. 

They also plan to develop the mall to be an international wholesale hub for many wholesale businesses that don’t have a showroom or retail store to showcase their products. 

Thai fans say goodbye to a nostalgic spot 

Pantip Pratunam has been a favourite spot for Thais, especially the 90s generation. According to a news post from, many netizens expressed their heartbreak and others also shared their memorable stories and experience with this place. 

New wholesale mall in Bangkok


Translation: It was the Mp3 era. Pantip Pratunam had it all. I brought Mp3 songs and CDs from here at ฿150. The store had all of the albums from X-Japan. It was paradise!

New wholesale mall in Bangkok


Translation: I visited Pantip Pratunam for the first time in 2007, and it was crowded. I took time deciding to buy 2GB Kingston’s Flash Drive. Some sellers asked me to buy porn videos too. It was my regular place when I worked near Phayathai during 2016 – 2018. I find it much quieter now as compared to the past. 

New wholesale mall in Bangkok


Translation: I got my first computer here in 1996 at about ฿30,000. Oh, it has been over 20 years already! 

After scrolling and reading the comments, we learned that the mall was also renowned for selling amulets, Buddha images, and even adult movies too. 

The renovation is disappointing news for many, but it’s good news for all shopping lovers. For your next trip to Bangkok, , this is a spot worth visiting after finishing your shopping adventure at Pratunam Market and Platinum Fashion Mall. 

AEC Trade Center
Address: 604/3 Phetchaburi Rd., Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400.
Nearest Train Station: Ratchathewi BTS | Ratchaprarop Airport Rail Link 

Featured image adapted from: Brand Buffet

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