Bangkok KFC drive-thru

It looks like fast food restaurants in Bangkok are quickly evolving and using “space station” as their design concept

For example, the newest branch of the popular fried chicken chain, KFC Drive-Thru Ekamai, strongly resembles a spaceship and is now ready for customers to check out. 

How about we show you this new KFC outlet?

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Bangkok KFC drive-thru looks like a spaceship

Newly established on 4th June 2021 on Ekamai Soi 9, KFC Drive-Thru Ekamai has a futuristic exterior with pointed edges that are illuminated by neon lights, and it kind of reminds us of a spaceship. 

The joint is not merely another typical drive-thru. According to the restaurant, the design theme is “Day & Night Lifestyle Cafe”, making the place suitable for remote work, hang-outs, as well as late night meals.

bangkok-kfc-drive-thruImage credit: KFC

With silver shimmering lights and a glassy-looking exterior, this restaurant could also very well be an entrance to a modern office building.

bangkok-kfc-drive-thruImage credit: KFC

The new KFC building’s lights also change colours. Sometimes the place is lit up in shades of violet and red, giving it a retro 70s feel. Doesn’t it kind of remind you of the good ol’ classic Hard Rock Cafe?

bangkok-kfc-drive-thruImage credit:

The lightshow doesn’t stop outside, there’s also a spotlight featuring the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Colonel Sanders, inside the restaurant.

bangkok-kfc-drive-thruImage credit: Charcoal Design Co.,Ltd.

Inside this new branch

Inside of the gleaming restaurant, there is a mini museum inside the joint where customers can take a journey through KFC’s history.

bangkok-kfc-drive-thruImage credit: @ryokogokigen

Mega fried chicken resto fanatics might be wondering what the family bucket set would have looked like in the 50s. Lucky for them, the new restaurant display the evolution of KFC buckets in a row. 

bangkok-kfc-drive-thruImage credit: @ryokogokigen

Moreover, a miniature gallery of the Colonel’s successes is depicted in the outlet that is furnished to resemble the classic American diner. 

bangkok-kfc-drive-thruImage credit: KFC

New place to hang out

Bangkok’s trendy cafe culture has led to the boom of unique eateries over the years. It appears that KFC wants to follow the trend as well. We have to say the new branch actually seems like a place where you can dine and work.

Plus, it’s only a 10-minute motorcycle ride away from BTS Ekamai.

Currently KFC Drive-Thru Ekamai operates from 8AM ‘till 11PM because of Covid-19 safety measures. Otherwise, it would operate 24 hours daily.

KFC Drive-Thru Ekamai
Address: Ekamai Soi 9, Ekamai Rd, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok, 10110
Opening Hours: 8AM – 11PM Daily (For Now)
Nearest Train Station: BTS Ekamai

Kentucky Fried Chicken Ekamai website | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from the left): @ryokogokigen, Charcoal Design Co.,Ltd.

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