Flood and traffic jams in Bangkok

Bangkok commuters were affected by heavy rain on Monday night (31st Aug 2020) and Tuesday (1st Sep 2020). Even the parliament building had to deal with a water leak on the ground floor, which caused quite the buzz online.   

Bangkokians spent hours stuck in traffic  

Heavy Rain In BKK
Image credit: @M_farharn

The heavy rain lasted over 6 hours since the wee hours of the night at 1am on 1st Sep, which caused a heavy flood and traffic jams along different main roads and intersections like Silom, Rama 4, Rama 1, Petchaburi, Sukhumvit, Ramkamhaeng, Ladprao, Chaengwattana, and other roads leading to the city centre. 

Heavy Rain In BKKImages adapted from: Santa Rattanarongkaporn and @Puffy_Pui

Pictures were posted on social media, showing how the roads were crowded with cars while others were flooded with water. Netizens also shared that their trips to work and school took over an hour longer than usual. 

Heavy Rain In BKKSome had to wade through the water to cross the roads
Image credit: @Gujajang

One bus driver was even caught sleeping while stuck in this morning’s jam – that’s how long it took! 

Heavy Rain In BKK

Translation: “My bus driver is falling asleep already. Normally it takes only 20 minutes, but today 1 hour passed already. This is such a good start for September.”

Heavy Rain In BKK

Translation: “I went out at 6.30am to take a bus to work. Now it is 8.30am already, and I’m still here. This is the worst beginning for September. Don’t want to imagine this evening with another storm.”

Even the ground floor of the Thai Parliament Building was reported to have water leaks and a flood, which led to an electrical problem. 

Heavy Rain In BKKImages adapted from: ข่าวสด

Rain is still in the forecast for this week. If you have to travel during the rush hour, we recommended planning your trip well in advance and not forgetting to bring your rainboots along with you!

Featured image adapted from: @M_farharn, Santa Rattanarongkaporn and @Puffy_Pui

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