Haze in Thailand

Air pollution has been a  long term issue in Thailand, often caused by forest fires, legal slash-and-burns, and transport fumes.

The smog hasn’t let metropolitan Bangkok escape either. In fact, the city has been clouded by these PM2.5 mini pollutant particles for years now.

Pollution shrouds the City of Angels

chaophraya-hazeImage credit: Bangkok Post

Who says size matters? The little specks of PM2.5 may be tiny, but they’re still harmful as they can get into your respiratory system and cause breathing issues, which can get worse if not properly treated.

On the morning of 14th December 2020, these little smooth criminals were puffing around in the air and exceeded the healthy level of 50 micrograms, reported by the Department of Pollution Control. 

Thailand’s Center for Air Pollution Mitigation spokesman Siwat Pongpiajun addressed that the haze got thicker due to lack of wind accumulation. Additionally, a high circulation of these mini pollutants is from open-air burn-offs by farms in Bangkok and neighbouring provinces as shared on NNT. Exhaust fumes from vehicles were a contributing factor too.


Air Visual Screenshot on 15th December 2020
Image credit: Bike in the City ปั่นรักษ์พิทักษ์เมือง

If you aren’t working from home, you can download the Air Visual app on Android and iOS to keep track of the haze index levels before heading out- once the number hits 100, you’re already breathing toxic air.

Hold on to your masks

Image credit: Code Blue

Pongsakorn Kwanmuang, spokesman of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration shared his concern that the smoggy conditions would probably linger in the region until February, as shared on Bangkok Post.  

So, you’d better swap your regular face masks to your N95s -hopefully, we won’t have to import fresh air in cans!

Featured images adapted from: Code Blue, Bike in the City ปั่นรักษ์พิทักษ์เมือง

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