6 LINE accounts Thai expats should follow

LINE is the primary messaging app used in Thailand. While there are certainly those who also use WhatsApp, Telegram etc., it’d be pretty hard to get by in Thailand without the app.

That’s because LINE is not only a communication app, but also a means to which different entitities – brands, news outlets, shops – can DM you useful information like discounts, news, and more.

Most of those businesses operate as official accounts on LINE.

Here are our top picks for LINE official accounts for expats in Thailand to follow.

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1. Thai-EN translator

First on the list of LINE accounts Thai expats should follow is the “Thai-EN translation” chatbot.

Created by LINE Thailand corporation themselves, the chatbot provides English – Thai translations in real time.

Screenshot: LINE

All users have to do is type a sentence in English into the chat, and the bot will respond with a Thai translation of the message.

It also works the other way: wherein you can type a message to the bot in Thai and receive the message back in English.

Screenshot: LINE

To add this chatbot, users would need to type “TH EN Translator” into the search bar in the “Official Accounts” section of LINE.

2. Bangkok Expats

Bangkok Expats made the list because it was one of the few LINE official accounts we found that provide lifestyle recommendations and flash deals in English.

Screenshot: LINE

Users receive updates on news, various discounts and promotions happening throughout Thailand in addition to lifestyle recs from Bangkok Expats.

Screenshot: LINE

It’s also possible for users to message the account with questions in English.

Screenshot: LINE

Here’s a link to the Bangkok Expats official LINE page.

3. Chillpainai

We love insider travel recommendations as much as the next person. However, most LINE official accounts that broadcast such information are primarily communicate in Thai.

While Chillpainai is also a Thai-language channel, we’d still recommend adding them as they provide a lot of pictures and infographics with bold numbers, which make it easier for non-Thai speakers to understand.

Screenshot: LINE

Furthermore, their recommendations seem to satisfy both those who enjoy mainstream travel as well as hidden gem hunters.

Here’s a link to the Chillpainai official LINE page.

4. Hungry Hub

Hungry Hub regularly provides their audience with discount codes for restaurants, hotels and more. For those who lived in the States at some point, think of it as Groupon, but Thai.

Screenshot: LINE

We also appreciate that most of their pasts blasts end up in their Mixed Media Feed.

So, even if you haven’t friended them before today, you can still scroll through and find hot deals – so long as they’re still valid.

Here’s a link to the Hungry Hub official LINE page.

5. Major Group

When perusing through official accounts for the article, we noticed that Major Cineplex is one of the most followed profiles.

Screenshot: LINE

Well, we can see why. The movie theatre group helps their followers stay updated on the latest films coming to theatres as well as promotions.

Users can also order cinema popcorn for to your place through the app depending on the time. Usually, they open for delivery orders from 12PM.

line-groups-expats-thailandScreenshot: LINE

Here’s a link to the Major Group official LINE page.

6. Bangkok Post

Multiple news outlets have LINE channels, but we’d say that Bangkok Post stands out in terms of speed and frequency of posts.

Screenshot: LINE

Users who like to stay extra-updated on current events would definitely appreciate the morning and afternoon updates that the publication provides.

They also send out ad-hoc messages for breaking news and different seminars.

Here’s a link to the Bangkok Post official LINE page.

Official LINE accounts that’ll help you save time

When we wanna know something, we instinctively turn to Google. However, with so much information available, it can take a while to sift through all the articles and forums in order to find the precise answer that we’re looking for.

Well, luckily LINE saves us some of that time. Instead of going out and looking for discounts, cafe recommendations, or what’s in theatres, you can receive updates on all of these through messages from LINE official accounts.

We hope that these accounts are able to provide you with valuable information as well as save you some extra-valuable time.

Happy LINE-ing!

Cover image adapted from: Info Quest 

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