Eco-friendly bus in Thailand

electric bus thailand
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In an era where saving the environment is a prevalent topic, it is good to see big corporations making changes to help the cause. 

Recently, we saw 7-11 impost a ban on plastic bags, and now, Thailand’s Ministry of Transport if also doing its part by activating its first electric bus, which will run from Churaporn Hospital to Chaeng Wattana Official Centre in Bangkok. 

Reducing harmful fumes on the road

fumes from bus
It is common to see fume pollution on the roads here
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Though taking public transport helps reduce our carbon footprint, these vehicles still emit harmful gases that can destroy our atmosphere – and even our own respiratory systems. With innovation like electric buses, this problem can be significantly reduced as they produce zero emissions. 

electric bus 1551
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Electric bus service 1551 will run on a 4km route from 6am to 7pm every day, from Chaeng Wattana Road to Churaporn Hospital. Though the free trial for commuters is only from now till 14th December 2019, the fare will only be an affordable ฿15 after. 

This campaign is expected to be the start of more electric vehicles and public transportation on our roads. 

electric bus interior
The interior is wide and spacious for commuters
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Netizens show their support

So far, netizens seem to like the idea of the electric bus. 

electric bus comment 2


Translation: That’s good. It helps global warming, and also the transportation fee is cheap. I really support this.

electric bus comment


Translation: This is great, and it will be much better if every bus changes.

electric bus comment


Translation: The route is pretty long, but it’s only ฿15. It’s awesome.

Helping save the environment one bus at a time

electric buses in bangkok
Image credit: posttoday

We’ve seen lots of issues to do with climate change and harm to our environment – and almost all of them are caused by us. So, it’s great to see us coming together to support such causes.

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