Old Bangkok clinic to become Covid-19 shelter

With the rising number of Covid-19 cases, it’s no surprise as to why several hospitals are running out of rooms and beds for patients.

Whilst a field hospital is being installed at Suvarnabhumi Airport, here in the heart of Bangkok, an old clinic is being transformed into a Covid-19 shelter. The shelter is being built just for Covid-19 patients waiting for a hospital bed.

Here, they can rest and recuperate before they are transferred to places where they can receive medical attention.

Here’s the full story behind the upcoming Covid-19 shelter.

Recent Covid-19 updates:

Public figures hold hands and transform an old clinic into a Covid-19 shelter

Mr. Tan Passakornnatee – founder of famous Thai beverage brands, like “Ichitan” – collaborated with other public figures to turn Wedding Plaza, one of his old buildings that also used to have a clinic, into a Covid-19 shelter for patients who are waiting for an available hospital bed, as reported by Sanook on 12th July 2021.

Mr. Passakornnatee stated the shelter will be able accommodate around 100-120 people and will be available before August, depending on when they receive the green light from the relevant authorities.

mr. tan covid-19 shelter collage
Images adapted from: @tanichitan

Mr. Passakornnatee joined hands with famous TV personalities, Sorayuth and Diana, as well as Doctor Lab Panda to undergo the renovation project.

Mr. Tan Covid-19 shelter
Image credit: @tanichitan

The businessman posted a story onto his Facebook page early this morning with the caption, “The news has recently been depressing to watch. I asked myself if I want to sit still or get up and do something”.

empty clinic rooms
Image credit: @tanichitan

With his new initiative in place, it’s clear Mr. Passakornnatee went for the latter option.

Hope of the day

Not only Mr. Passakornnatee is jumping into action to improve the burdens brought upon by the pandemic, but other celebrities have also been contributing to relief efforts for other unfortunate events happening in Thailand, like Koen K-Otic who opened five rooms to support victims from a factory blast.

Hence, no matter how many negative stories are rolling in everyday, the fact that such a united front exists definitely gives us hope that we can get through these times as a community.

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