Bangkok Breaking on Netflix review

After 2 seasons of Girl From Nowhere – a Netflix series that’s been nothing short of a breakout hit in Southeast Asia – many of us have been anticipating the next Thai original show worth binge-watching .

Enter Bangkok Breaking – a gritty 6-episode series that draws on themes of battling corruption, neorealism and unpacks intimate human stories behind the facade of Bangkok’s many alleyways that we know and love.

This is a spoiler-free review, so rest assured that we’ll be sharing our thoughts on the series without giving too much away. This will be for good reason, as you’ll soon find out.

Without further ado, let’s delve right into why a 6-hour investment into Bangkok Breaking, will be well-worth breaking your time bank for – if you’ve nothing else scheduled for the weekend.

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Bangkok Breaking plot synopsis & main character summary

Protagonist, Wanchai, comes from a rural province to earn money and “save his family from poverty”. Best described as an empathetic hero, his close encounter with tragedy right from the get-go quickly escalates the story and sets the wheels turning on his quest for answers, set against the dark underbelly of Bangkok’s crisis relief scene.

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His new job entails being part of a disaster relief team, officially joining an organisation that hides secrets behind its shiny veneer of iconic blue uniforms and compassion for the victims it deems to help.

Image credit: Netflix

Our female lead’s position is filled by Kat, a young upstart junior reporter based in Bangkok’s fast-paced media scene. Her strong internal moral compass sets her on a direct collision course with Wanchai.

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The unlikely allies’ paths cross – quite literally – and they are sent on a whirlwind journey to unpack layers of deceit, suspicious agendas and eventually set their sights on taking down a corrupt organisation that has been left unchecked for far too long.

We can’t help but quickly root for these two characters, who’re always knee-deep in uncovering secrets, or take actions to challenge antagonists in clear positions of power. Best to watch everything in one sitting. The plot races on at a rapid pace.

Plot Review: 8/10

Top notch HD cinematography and stylized direction choices

Expect car chases set in sprawling night cityscapes, and the glow of neon lights in dark corners of the gritty city that will help viewers take in the story – rendered in full HDR glory.

Image credit: Netflix

In terms of visuals, the cinematography is crisp, with deliberate artistic filters in certain shots to fully capture the darker or nostalgic moments in the show. Music is deployed to masterful effect, all of which add to the sense of foreboding that haunts our character’s decisions.

Image credit: Netflix

Moments of heartwarming scenes and light touches of humour are generally interspersed within episodes and side characters, but overall, the show’s cinematography & stylistic choices truly enhance the mood of the series. Definitely a thrilling ride from start to finish, thanks to its stylistic choices.

Cinematography: 9/10

Core character relationships involve overtures of romance and humour

As for overtures of romance, ‘will they or won’t they’ moments between our attractive protagonists will def come your way.

Image credit: via Netflix

That said, the core relationship is best described as a slow-burn rather than characterised by red hot sizzling chemistry. The core story is centred around our trusty team of rescue workers, who are always dashing towards the next crisis – intentionally moving any budding romance to side-plot status.

What makes the entire watch so fulfilling, however, is the fact that imminent danger or an episodic mystery always hangs around the horizon. The pacing of the episodes also allow viewers to be led very skillfully through the heart-stopping plot twists and thrilling car chases.

Themes & Romance: 7/10

Audience age rating and potential for spin-offs

In terms of violence and skin featured, the series is safe for those aged 15-16 and above, so a family screening will not result in raised eyebrows. Certain scenarios may be triggering for those involved in similar accidents before, but every episode comes with due warning about the events and characters being fictitious.

Image credit: Netflix

By the end of the series, one wonders if the choices our characters made have paid off, while gently treading the grey area of morality. Overall, we think this lets us come away satisfied. Justice can be served in many forms, regardless of how it eventually plays out. The question remaining, however, is at what cost?

Stay till the end of the last episode right before the credits roll, however. You won’t regret this.

Audience Age Rating: Suitable for those aged above 15-16, depending on your region.

Stream Bangkok Breaking on Netflix from 23rd September 2021

Image credit: Netflix

With all the hype that’s surrounding Bangkok Breaking, we hope that Thai creators will continue to churn out more original Netflix shows that represent the peak ability of our directors, actors and screenwriters.

Tl;dr: You’re definitely in for a treat if you’ve enjoyed thrilling shows involving whistleblowers like The Whistleblower (2010)Snowden (2016), Bombshell (2019), and the never-ending Fast & Furious franchise.

All 6 episodes of Bangkok Breaking are available to watch on Netflix as of 23rd September 2021.

If you’re in the mood for thrillers, unpacking urban intrigues, or watching the layman deliver justice to institutions – this is a must-watch indeed.

Overall Verdict: 8.5/10

We’d love to hear your rating of Bangkok Breaking so far in the comments below.

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