Giant wonton noodles at Bamee Jom Palung

bamee jom palung

When in Bangkok, visiting night markets sounds like the perfect plan to get some cheap shopping and street food without fighting the hot weather.

Talad Rod Fai, also known as the Train Night Market, is a popular place to chill and hang out in Bangkok. There are 2 branches – Ratchada and Srinakarin.

And if you’re looking for recommendations on things to check out here, locals will suggest you try one of its most famous shops, Bamee Jom Palung, which sells giant wonton noodles for just ฿380 (~$12.50).

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bamee jom palung noodles

When at the store, we had to try their whopping giant wonton noodles, and when it got to us, we agreed that no extra toppings here needed. They aren’t kidding when they say this is massive. Seeing it in real life, we were shocked at how generous the shop was with the toppings.

The dish came topped with huge meatballs, eggs, pork wontons, red BBQ pork, veggies, crispy wonton sheets, and 4 crabs! 

bamee jom palung egg

Although the dish is dry, it was juicy from all the red BBQ sauce and also came with bowls of soup on the side. The noodles were cooked perfectly and were not clumpy and mushy. We also liked how the eggs were still slightly soft, which added a creaminess to the dish.

bamee jom palung poo ja

Next, we tried the stuffed crabs, which are called poo ja in Thai. Under the shell is where you’ll find succulent crab meat mixed with minced pork and seasoning. 

bamee jom palung pork wonton

The pork wontons came wrapped in a thin sheet of flour, and it was stuffed well. The minced pork was seasoned properly with soy sauce and pepper too. As for the BBQ pork slices, these added a sweet note to the dish. We liked the flavour this added – it goes nicely with some soup too.

The meatballs had a nice texture and were not overly “flour-y”, meaning good portions of real meat were used.

But don’t be fooled – this isn’t even their largest item on the menu! Real foodies who are up for a challenge can order their crazy 35kg Wonton Noodles (฿2,499, U.P.: ฿7,000).

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bamee jom palung store

To avoid huge crowds, we decided to drop by their branch at Srinakarin Train Night Market which opens from Thursday to Sunday. The vibes at Bamee Jom Palung are nice too – it has an open-air seating area in a container space.

bamee jom palung restaurant

If you are not a party animal, night markets are a great choice to spend a night in Bangkok. And if theTrain Night Market is one of your destinations, don’t forget to try their supersized bowl of noodles!   

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Bamee Jom Palung at Srinakarin Train Market
Address: Srinagarindra Rd, Nong Bon Sub-district, Prawet District, Bangkok 10250.
Opening Hours: Thursday – Sunday, 5PM-12PM (Closed Mon-Wed)
Nearest Train Station: 20-minute by car from Hua Mark Airport Rail Link Station
Telephone: +66 80 566 6672 | +66 81 875 9954

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