Husband delivers twin babies at home

Husband Helps Deliver Babies By Watching YouTube Tutorial After Wife Goes Into Unexpected Labour At Home

Images adapted from: Komchadluek, Amarintv

What to expect when you’re expecting? Hopefully, not something so unexpected as this couple from Lopburi, Thailand encountered.

Last Friday, 22-year-old Mrs. Duanghatai, who was in late pregnancy, felt the urge to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. But all of a sudden as she was in the toilet, she felt her baby coming out instead. 

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Image credit: Komchadluek

Thanks to Mrs. Duanghatai’s quick reflexes, she was able to get a hold the baby before she got onto the floor. But the surprise didn’t stop there because a second baby came out shortly after. She was also a girl.

With two twins in her hands, Mrs. Duanghatai then called for her husband, Mr. Donlarit, who rushed to her aid.

Cut umbilical cords with sterilised cooking knife

Mr. Donlarit began searching for baby delivery videos on YouTube for help on what to do. He then ran into his kitchen to sterilise a kitchen knife with hot water in order to use it to cut the umbilical cords of both babies. The husband and wife cleaned babies and wrapped them in a blanket afterwards.

Both waited until the morning to tell their relatives who lived nearby about the babies as they didn’t want to disturb them during the night. 

Both babies were safe and healthy

Image credit: Amarintv

When Mr. Donlarit’s aunt came to see the babies, she was quick to call an ambulance to take the mother and the twins to the hospital.

To everyone’s relief, the twins were healthy and safe. However, the mother had lost a lot of blood and needed to stay monitored in the hospital for a few days.

We hope that Mrs. Duanghatai will get better soon so she can reunite with her newly born daughters. And kudos to Mr. Donlarit for being quick-witted!

In case of an emergency like this, it’s always better to call an ambulance than try to deliver a baby yourself. So don’t hesitate to dial the medical hotline, 1669, that will automatically connect you to the nearest hospital.

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