Tourist visas revoked 

The Land Down Under is a dream destination for young backpackers to grab their working-holiday hustle. Sadly, tourist or working holiday visas haven’t been available since early 2020, and don’t seem to be coming back amid the country’s anticipated border closure in 2021. 

However, student visas are still available under stricter restrictions.

Covid-19 safety procedures for students

From 22nd January 2021, Australian visa holders – save for travel – heading to Australia must provide a negative Covid-19 test taken 72 hours or less to the chosen airline. 

Australian Home Affairs provides Covid-19 travel updates, where they announced that heading over to the airport without proof of a negative Covid-19 test is highly discouraged. Though flight availability will vary and be unpredictable like many other airlines globally. So, it’s best to double-check flights to Australia. 

The Australian Government has announced procedures for international students who’ve been affected by the pandemic and there have been changes in the fee waiver for student visas as of last year. 

australian visa
Form 1545 COVID-19 for impacted students
Screenshot: Australian Home Affairs

Current and future students who want to study in Australia have to fill in Form 1545 from their education provider with a valid student visa application. The application has to be done online and can be filled up in or outside of Australia. 

Australian governmentStudent Visa guide
Image credit: Australian Home Affairs

If current students and student visa applicants aren’t unsure of the changes, they can be checked on the Australian Home Affairs

Covid-19 tests & treatments

Following Australia’s public health directions is required in order to curb Covid-19 – However, if you are feeling like you’re under the weather, seek medical help and get tested for the virus immediately.

Checking your eligibility for free COVID-19 tests and treatments can be done in these state and territory government websites if you’re already in ‘Straya:

Stay safe while studying abroad

Although it’s a dream to many to study, live, and work abroad, it’s also important to be mindful of other people’s safety. 

Sometimes, we don’t know if our dreams are affecting anyone and we’ve got to pause and reflect about the actions we take. Because, they can be more damaging rather than impactful.

More on visa Covid-19 procedures:

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