Thai aunty wears sheet mask to sleep

A ghostly face often comes to mind every time we step inside a dark place.

Even though we know spectres aren’t real and have never encountered one face to face, our imagination about ghosts may trick us into believing that we’re really seeing an apparition.

Here’s the story of two kids who sprinted away in fear from what they thought to be a ghoul in their aunty’s room.

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Nephew sprints away in fear from what he thought to be a ghost

On 13th December 2021, Thai TikToker @pm.j_a_r_u posted footage of a comical event that happened to her nephew one evening.

คลิปเต็มๆ ก้เสียงสั่นไปเลยซิครับ🤣🤣#fyp #ขึ้นฟีดเถอะของร้อง

คลิปเต็มๆ ก้เสียงสั่นไปเลยซิครับ🤣🤣#fyp #ขึ้นฟีดเถอะของร้อง

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The footage showed OP’s niece and nephew playing with their little cat in a living room, while one of them was on the phone with someone about a wound on the cat’s body.

GIF: @pm.j_a_r_u

One of the kids ran to to his aunts bedroom and ask her to check if the cat needed to be taken to the hospital.

Here’s what happened next.

The boy sprints away from a ghost in his aunt’s room

As soon as the boy entered the room, he screamed loudly and ran back to his sister.

GIF: @pm.j_a_r_u

He told his sister in fear that he saw a ghost sleeping in his aunt’s bed. However, his sister seemed to be more startled by the boy’s scream than the ghost he supposedly saw.

Image Credit: @pm.j_a_r_u

His sister then walked straight to the room to see if it was really an apparition. Luckily, the figure turned out to be their aunt in creepy sheet mask that made her look like a ghoul.

Netizens react to creepy aunty wearing a sheet mask

After the clip was posted on TikTok, it went viral on social media – garnering over 74.4K likes and 1,498 shares.

Many netizens shared their comments on the video and agreed with the kid that the sheet mask made his aunt look so creepy.

Screenshot: @pm.j_a_r_u

Translation: I used to mask my face with mud, and my grandchild got so scared when he saw my face. He ran away and kept saying that he saw a ghost, and I even ran after him because I thought he saw a ghost behind my back. LOL

One netizen shared a similar experience, where her nephew who also ran away from her while she was wearing a mud mask.

Screenshot: @pm.j_a_r_u

Translation: Hahahaha, if I were that kid, I would feel scared too.

Another netizen laughed and said that he would have freaked out just like the boy if he encountered the incident himself.

Screenshot: @pm.j_a_r_u

Translation: Sister: Worried about their cat, but also wanted to see the ghost LOL.

One TikToker noted that even though the older sister went to the room the check out the ghost, she still took care of her cat.

Make sure to tell the kids before wearing sheet mask

Wearing sheet masks may help the aunt’s skin to get healthier, but with its creepy appearance, the kids may prefer other ways for their aunt to take care of her skin.

We believe that the aunty has learned a lesson that next time she wears a sheet mask, she should make sure to tell her niblings first, especially the boy, so as to not freak them out unintentionally.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @pm.j_a_r_u

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