Atlantis Valley Is A Chiang Mai Cafe With ‘Alice In Wilderness’ Vibes That Lets You Have Cozy Shabu-Shabu Indoors

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Atlantis Valley in Chiang Mai

In addition to numerous mountains and the valleys, Chiang Mai also has impressive forests for you to venture into.

While there are many cafes there worthy of a visit, Atlantis Valley is a lovely wooden lodge for photoshoots, afternoon tea out in the wilderness or heartwarming shabu-shabu sessions with your mates indoors.

So if you’re ready for a cafe experience like no other, read on for more about this quiet cafe, hidden in the calming forests of Mae Lai Village, Chiang Mai.

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A wooden lodge nestled in the forests of Mae Lai Village

Image credit: @atlantis_valley 

Like the Lost City of Atlantis, Atlantis Valley is a world of its own. With multiple spots to chill at – from having a picnic right by a stream, to a heartwarming meal within the cafe, Atlantis Valley looks like a safe haven for any stumbling hiker in the area.

The wooden lodge that is home to the baristas and the cafe itself looks like a cozy place for anyone to stop by for an afternoon’s visit.

Image credit: Atlantis Valley 

To get to the viewpoint below –  a perfect place to have your meal or afternoon tea – simply take the stairway down. It overlooks the stream that is right by the cottage and lets you have first row seats to immerse yourself in nature.

Image credit: Atlantis Valley

Once you’re done exploring the area, let’s get into the dining experience that you’re bound to be impressed by whilst you’re here.

Afternoon tea by the stream as though you’re Alice In Wilderness

Image credit: Atlantis Valley

The entire appeal of Alice in Wonderland is the idea that you can escape into a fantasy world, and leave your real world problems behind. Though you can’t exactly walk through the looking glass here, you’ll get to indulge in a spot of afternoon tea by the stream as though you’re Alice In Wilderness – pardon the reference.

Here’s a closer shot of the yummy treats they have here. TBH, the ‘EAT ME’ cake vibes are truly hitting me.

Image credit: @atlantis_valley

The afternoon tea sets goes for ฿999 (~USD28.72). If you make a booking in advance, the whole set-up with all these lovely bakes and props will only come at ฿799 (~USD22.97). FYI, we’d recommend coming all dressed up to have this dreamy fairytale picnic right by the stream for extra immersion points.

Since you’ll be busy snacking on delectable tea time treats, you’ll probably need help capturing how afternoon tea went in this absolutely picturesque setting.

Here at Atlantis Valley, you can arrange for a photoshoot with all the props readily provided for you, as long as you drop the crew a message on their Facebook page in advance.

Image credit: @atlantis_valley

From ฿4,500 (~USD129.35). you’ll have 1 hour to take as many photos as you’d like at the cafe’s compound and have the photos sent to you within a week. If you pre-book the photoshoot in advance, you’d be able to enjoy the discounted rate of ฿3,000 (~USD86.23).

Image credit: Atlantis Valley

And don’t worry if you’re not much of an outdoorsy person – or wannabe IG influencer – you can also enjoy a meal indoors here on soft tatami mats too.

Cozy shabu-shabu indoors at Atlantis Valley

Image credit: @atlantis_valley

From afternoon tea treats to western mains, this cafe has thought everything through. So for my fellow hotpot lovers, indulge in a Japanese-style shabu shabu session here while cozying up on their tatami seats. Random shout out to that jenga-looking table too. Cute.

Image credit: @atlantis_valley 

If you’re a bit of a romantic, you can even arrange for a fancy-shmancy candlelit date with your bae here. Imagine eating straight from the comforting warm hotpot, and pairing sips of the rich broth with a touch of red wine.

Image credit: @atlantis_valley 

Now as far as dates go, that’s probably going to be a pairing I will remember for long time.

Getting to Atlantis Valley

If you’re looking for a cafe that’s a little hidden from the rest of the world, imaginative and also a whole lot fun, then definitely come by Atlantis Valley. From the soft touch of nature that’s all around you, the scrumptious food and the warmth from the staff that run the place, this cafe is certainly a place for you to get lost in.

So if this sounds like something up your alley, make sure to get that car started, and make your way to Mae Lai Village – the next time you pop by Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Atlantis Valley
Address:64, Moo. 2, Baan Mae Lai HuayKaew, Mae On District, Chiang Mai 50130, Thailand
Opening Hours:
Daily, 8AM – 5PM
+66 9 8746 4456
Atlantis Valley Facebook | Instagram | Google Maps

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